You Wouldn’t Want To Miss Vietnamese Street Food During Your Trip

Vietnam street food has become very famous over the years amongst tourist. The street food consists of various traditional Vietnamese food. The food never disappoints.It is very tasty and also the prices are very reasonable. They vary from all types of food such as rice, noodles,  beef, fish and other seafood and drinks such as coffee. You will not run out of options with no doubt. If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, do not miss to grab a bite of one if the culture street food. The street food clearly reflects the culture in Vietnam.

These are some of the food that you should not miss to taste or will come acrossduring your trip in Vietnam.

1/ Noodles Soup: Almost noodles in Vietnam is fresh noodles

👉 Pho (The most famous)

Pho is a staple food in Vietnam and is served at any time of the day. Although most people prefer it for breakfast. It is a mixture of beef or chicken broth with ginger, onions, and a little special spices and noodles. Pho has appeared in many countries around the world and become the most famous dish of Vietnam.

👉 Cao Lau / Mi Quang

This dish is famous in Hoi An. It consists of rice noodles,slices of pork croutons and beans. This is a mixture of pork, shrimp and vegetables. There is a topping of grilled rice paper and spices. Noodles which are made from rice flour are either white or yellow are added to it. The crispy sound from the rice paper is just what you need to hear when you are hungry.

👉 Bun Cha

The dish consist of fresh noodles, fish sauce with pawpaw and the food is seasoned with chili and garlic for a better taste. Beside this is another bowl of herbs and veggies. This is just a perfect and balanced meal. Minced meat and grilled then is highlight of this. Bun Cha is known more and more after the American president – Obama has been eating it in his trip to Vietnam.

💚 Other noodles : Many kind of noodles in Vietnam are very delicious too as Bun Thit Nuong, Bun Bo, Bun Moc, Bun Rieu, Bun Ca…

2/ Banh Mi (Vietnamese bread)

If you’re planning on traveling to Vietnam, the one sandwich you will hear about and will not want to miss is the Bánh Mì sandwich. This famous Vietnamese sandwich has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s best sandwich. This is a sandwich with other fillings in it and is found in almost every place in Vietnam. It is an airy Vietnamese baguette made with a combination of wheat and rice flours with a thin crispy crust. The traditional meats you find in bánh mì are pork, pâté, and cured ham. Then, additional bánh mì ingredients are a mélange of Vietnamese herbs and vegetables. Typically, the vegetables are coriander, cucumber, carrot, slices, radish and more depending on what part of the country you are in.

3/ Banh Trang Nuong (Vietnamese pizza)

Vietnamese Pizza is the nickname of a dish known as banh trang nuong, which translates into “grilled rice paper.” This dish is a relative newcomer to the realm of Vietnamese food, having been around for only five to seven years, so if you ask Vietnamese friends who immigrated from Vietnam years ago, chances are that they’ve never heard of this dish.

It starts off as a circular sheet of dry rice paper slathered with butter and then set atop a coal brazier. The vendor sprinkles the sheet with minced pork, shredded pork floss, dried baby shrimp, and chopped spring onions. The finishing touch is some quail egg yolk to bind all the ingredients together and a squirt of chili sauce. When it’s done grilling, Vietnamese pizza has a crunchy bite similar to the consistency of a taco shell. It would be more accurate to call this dish a pizza-taco hybrid than a full-on pizza out of an Italian kitchen.

4/ Banh Bao (Dumpling Cake)

This is a ball-shaped bun containing pork or chicken meat, onions, eggs, mushrooms and vegetables, in Vietnamese cuisine. It often has Chinese sausage and a portion of a hard-boiled egg inside. Banh bao are generally filled with savory fillings, the most popular of which is seasoned ground pork. A vegetarian version of banh bao also exists.

5/ Banh Gio (Pyramidal Rice Dumpling)

This simple dish sold in country markets has become a favorite breakfast of many Vietnamese. People can find this dish in small stands o­n any street in Vietnam. The stands are always crowed with diners. Vietnamese can enjoy this dish at any time, at breakfast, lunch or post-lunch.

This white and smooth dumpling is wrapped in green banana leaf. It is made from a few ingredients including plain rice flour, minced lean meat, cat’s ear, onion and mushroom.

Besides, there are many varieties in every street and city. The list is endless.

Why It Is Not To Be Missed

👉 It is very delicious

Vietnam street food is with no doubt very delicious and mouthwatering even to think of. It is perfectly cooked by street vendors who have perfected their skills in a particular dish. The flavors are well measured to perfection and never too much or too little.

👉 The prices are friendly

The street food is sold at reasonable prices. Therefore if you are working on a tight budget street food might be the option for you as they are very affordable.

👉 It is quite an adventure to try

Trying out something new in a new place has never been easy but it always exciting. Walking in an unfamiliar street and stopping by any street vendor to purchase food is quite the adventure that never disappoint in Vietnam.

👉 Learning of culture

Vietnam people are very friendly. They will welcome you well to try the food and its a good way of learning their way if life, culture and appreciating culture. The traditional Vietnamese street food depicts their culture to some extent.

👉 Genuinely perfected

Most of the street vendors have perfected their skills in the foods they cook. They put so much effort into their cooking to bring out the best taste. With the experience, they have the taste never disappoints.

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