Most Scenic Roads for Motorbike Drive in Vietnam

Driving a motorbike is one of the most exciting ways to explore Vietnam. Besides, motorbikes have already been an important part of life in the country where there are almost 37 million registered motorbikes. Furthermore, renting a bike in Vietnam is incredibly cheap, costing as low as $10 per day!

Whether it’s exploring the busy cities of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi or visiting countryside villages, riding a motorbike is the best way to understand the culture while soaking up the gorgeous roadside views! If you’re up for some adventure, here are some of the most scenic roads for your motorbike adventure in Vietnam.

1. Cao Bằng Province

The route at Cao Bằng Province, also known as QL34, is right along the Chinese border. Driving along this route, you’ll be treated to the most gorgeous countryside views. If you plan on visiting the famous Ban Gioc Waterfall, this is the route you’ll be taking coming from the city of Cao Bang. You can also make plenty of detours along the way, such as stopping along the Ngườm Ngao and Cốc Bó Caves, as well as the nearby villages.

Cao Bang is in the northeast part of Vietnam. After your motorbike ride to the Ban Gioc Falls, consider staying for at least one night in the city. Here, you can explore the local villages, morning markets, and the riverside.

2. Da Lat to Nha Trang

The Da Lat to Nha Trang route is known as the DT652 and is said to be a favorite among the locals. It connects two of the country’s most popular destinations, Da Lat and Nha Trang. Da Lat is a beautiful mountainous city known as the “City of Eternal Spring” while Nha Trang is a gorgeous coastal city known for its beaches.

The journey takes around five hours to complete and you’ll be passing along lush forests with twists along the mountains. You’ll be treated to a gorgeous cliff side views and you can find local cafes for pit stops along the way. Park your motorbike and enjoy a short break by indulging in a cup of coffee and some local treats!

3. Ha Giang Loop

The Ha Giang Loop consists of a 186-mile winding road right along the northern province of Ha Giang, which borders China’s Yunnan Province. Those who have passed along the loop will surely agree that this route is one of the most spectacular in the country. The entire route could take days to complete and is not really recommended for beginners.

Driving along the Ha Giang Loop, prepare yourself for hundreds of hairpin turns, gorgeous mountainside scenery, and sleepy hill tribe villages. This area is home to the Hmong tribe, one of the country’s ethnic groups. You’ll also be passing several viewpoints along the way, which makes for a great pit stop as it opens to the most stunning panoramas. When planning to drive along this route, avoid the rainy season, as the road gets very slippery. The most ideal time to drive along the Ha Giang Loop is between the months of June and November.

4. Hải Vân Pass

Another popular scenic route in Vietnam is the Hai Van Pass, which is also known as the Hoi An route. This is where the popular Top Gear show did their Vietnam Special episode in 2008. Here, you’ll be treated to the country’s most stunning views especially if you happen to drive during sunset. This 21 km winding road will only take an hour to complete.

Traveling along the scenic route, you’ll have the gorgeous ocean views as your backdrop. This route will form part of your ride from Hoi An or Da Nang going to Hue. You can also choose to ride it back and forth several times in a day to make the most of the stunning views! But before you take this route, make sure your motorbike is in excellent condition because there are no overnight stops just in case you’ll encounter troubles along the way.

5. Khe Sanh – Phong Nha

Khe Sanh may not be as popular as the other tourist destinations in the country but this town plays an important role in the history of Vietnam, as this is where the bloodiest battle of Vietnam War took place, which resulted to the death of thousands of soldiers. Driving along the route, prepare yourself for the enormous ascent and descent along with several twists and turns. The route opens to the stunning views of open straits and you can choose to take a pit stop every five minutes to soak up the views or take some good photos!

When you get close to Phong Nha, you’ll see the scenic rivers and farmlands and the turquoise lakes of the famous Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. The park is a protected land area that’s home to tropical forests, underground rivers, and a vast network of caves.