Money Suggestions for Travelers in Vietnam

Like any other nation, when you tour in Vietnam, expect to spend a lot of funds as you travel from one city to the other. As you wander around the nation, you will need to have some transport means as well as a place you can rest let alone some foods you can eat. However, you need to be careful in the way you are spending your funds. Vendors will always be persuasive to ensure that you buy some of their products.

Here are some of the suggestions that are essential to travelers in Vietnam

Don’t Change your Currencies in Illegal Places

Numerous places offer these services of exchanging currencies at a favorable rate. However, many sites use black market rates at any time. It was thus advisable to avoid such situations as some may scan you. It is better to use low rates of exchange and be safe rather than high rates and end up losing all your funds. Major currencies such as dollars can be exchanged anywhere in Vietnam. However, not all exchange facilities are equal. Before trading you dollars into doing, it is always advisable to ask for guidance before trading. A bank is the best place where you can have you can fund converted. Or you can chose some change money places in city centre.

Use Credit Cards

Instead of carrying a lot of funds as you travel, give you credit card and use it in paying for various services. There are numerous hotels as well as restaurants that offer their services and accepts credit cards as means of payment. With such funds, it will be hard to be persuaded by any vendor as you will have little bases of buying products by the roadside yet you can’t access it.

Don’t Mistake One Bill For Another

The multiple zeroes in the dong, tend to confuse visitors. There are some cases where visitors tend to overpay bills with extra cash due to the number of zeroes in the Vietnamese currency. Such a mistake may expose you to theft as the vendors will realize that you are a foreigner and not yet family with the dins utilized in business transactions. Make a point of familiarizing with these notes and avoid overpaying or underpaying bills.

Avoid Paying with High Denominations

Very few vendors will be willing to change your VND 500,000. Thus, make a point of traveling with smaller denominations that will aid in paying smaller bills. The aspect of using higher denominations may expose you to exploitative vendors who may even deny back the change.

Don’t Overspend

As you walk through various streets of Vietnam, make a pot of not overspending. You don’t have to stop by any shop and purchase an item. It is advisable to buy goods in bulk rather than buying small products that may expose you to vendors. Also, don’t carry a lot of cash as you walk around. You might be tempted to buy unnecessary goods courtesy of the persuasive vendors.

As you walk through the cities of Vietnam, expect a lot of pressure from vendors as they pursue your cash. Thus, it is advisable to be vigilant and careful as you walk around as your naivety may expose you to vendors that may rob off your funds. Make a point of familiarizing yourself with the VND notes to avoid being scammed by vendors.

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