Con Dao Islands: A Complete Traveler’s Guide To Vietnam’s

If you travel 230 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, you will land in Con Dao area. The area has a total of 16 islands and has an extensive area that covers about 7k square kilometer. When the nation was in warm, the city was indicative of how people used to describe fear and anxiety. People believed that no lives could exist in the area. However, as times goes by, the place has changed and is now the mother of nature and acts as a beautiful paradise that enchants many wonders of the world. You need to visit the site and understand why the place is one of the most mysterious and charming islands on the planet. The main (and only inhabited) island, Con Son was once the site of French-run prisons for Vietnamese involved in the independence movement. Most of the derelict prisons are located in Con Son Town, where you can visit the prison cells, and infamous tiger cages. Many locals visit Con Son to pay their respects to revolutionaries such as Vo Thi Sau, the first women on the island to have been executed by the French.

Here are some of the things you may see as you travel in Con Dao islands

Enjoy the magnificent beaches and visiting majestic mountains

Although there are many islands in the area, there are beautiful beaches that are centers of enjoyment and fun. If long sandy dunes enchant you with clear blue water, you need to visit the area and have one of the best experience as you walk around. Closest to the town is Bai An Hai Beach, which connects Ben Dam Harbour to several beachfront resorts and fishing villages. If you prefer privacy, rent a motorbike and make your way south towards Mui Ca Map (Shark Cape) and Nhat Beach to enjoy fine white sands and breathtaking views of the ocean. Island-hopping and diving are popular activities on Con Dao Islands

One of the most attractive beaches in Con Dao is Bai Dat Doc. The beach usually brings tourists together in an unspoiled natural scenery covered with some Rocky Mountains and thick woodlands. There also nice resorts and hotels near the beach. In case you want to spend a couple of days in Con Dao, you need to visit this beach and have fun.

Watching turtles laying their eggs

Hon Bay Canh Island is renowned for its turtle breeding grounds, so if you’re visiting between June and September, you may even get a chance to watch turtles laying their eggs.

Learning about the history of Vietnam in the war

The French colonists built Con Dao’s first prison in 1862 to house colonial subversives already dreaming of an independent Vietnam more than a century before independence would be achieved. The island is well suited as a penal colony: surrounded by shark-infested, choppy waters and rocky cliffs, there is no way off, and the archipelago is small enough that even if a prisoner had managed to escape, it wouldn’t have be long until he (or she) were caught or succumbed to the elements. You will have the opportunity to visit Phu Hai Prison. This is regarded the oldest one in Con Dao prison system. Here is seen as the hell on earth with many fiercest methods of tortures. Phu Hai Prison is also the main prison in Con Dao. Many key political cadres were imprisoned and tortured there.

Best time to visit Con Dao

The dry season in Con Dao is November to February, but if you’re looking to see turtles nesting on Hon Bay Canh Island, visit between June and September. February till July is ideal for diving excursions.

How to get to Con Dao

You can approach Con Dao by boat or via a plane.

  • By plane: Vietnam Airline is the only airline with regular flights to the island. You can flight from Ho Chi Minh city or Can Tho city to Con Dao around 1 hours fly.
  • If you use a ship, Superdong and Express are speech boats often be used. It take around 2,5 – 3 hours by speech boat from Vung Tau city/ Soc Trang city to Con Dao.


There are numerous hotels and resorts in Con Dao that offers accommodation facilities to visitors. Depending on your budget, you can access a room with as low as $10 up to $200. Make a point of booking your room at least two days before you travel to the area. The hotels offer the best Vietnam`s foodstuffs, and you can enjoy your meals at the comfort of your rooms. The place is relatively calm, and you can as well as opt to visit the site for a fantastic meditation moment. Besides, luxury resort in Con Dao is Six Senses Con Dao 5*, it is also one of the best suggestions for you.


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