A Complete Guide To Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam Short History Of Cu Chi Tunnels

The tunnels is situated 75km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, it is an elaborate underground network made up of 250 km (155 mi.) of tunnels and chambers in the town of Cu Chi.Astoundingly, given their great length, the tunnels were dug with bare hands or very simple tools during the French occupation in the 1940s, and further expanded during the American War (better known in this hemisphere as the Vietnam War) in the 1960s. Though small and very dark, the tunnels provided refuge and a defensive advantage over the American soldiers. They ate, slept, planned attacks, healed their sick and taught their young in the chambers of the Cu Chi tunnels. Some even wed and gave birth here. Today they give us a fascinating glimpse into what life was like during the Vietnam war.

Cu Chi, Socialist Republic of Vietnam – august 16 2018 : the Cu Chi Vietcong tunnels near Saigon

Tunnels To Visit

There are two tunnels the Ben Duoc and Ben Dinh. Ben Dinh entrance is 50km from the city but the experience is not the same as the other tunnel. For visitors who have half a day, this is likely to be the tunnel you’ll visit. Ben Duoc is 70km from the city. Ben Duoc is a great choice as you get the chance to see the countryside and hear fascinating stories of the history of Vietnam and the experience of the soldiers.


Way To The Tunnel From The City

There are a few options of transport means to Cu Chi tunnels.

  • Motorbike Or Car

One can rent a motorcycle or a car and drive themselves to the tunnels. This is the best choice however there is a lot you will miss on the way. Take an arranged tour from the tour companies which offer car and motorbike tours. Avoid bus tours as it will not give you full experience because of too many people.

  • Taxi

A taxi is one of the options but it is very expensive. The advantage of taking a taxi is the comfort that comes with it. The 120km journey will cost about 60USD.

  • Boat

If you are interested in traveling by water there are Boat tour services that are available to offer the tour to the Cu Chi tunnels.

  • Own Public Bus

Taking a public bus is another option. It will take you around 2.5hours to reach Cu Chi Minh tunnels. You will take two buses to get to Ben Duoc and pay about 1 USD in total. You have to go early to have enough time to explore and so as not to miss the return buses before they stop running.

Opening /Closing Time And Tickets

Both tunnels have the same operating time.

Entrance Ticket:

Ben Dinh: VND 110,000 per person

Ben Duoc: VND 90,000 per person


Activities At The Tunnels

There is a lot to at Cu Chi tunnels

  • Shooting range: Both tunnels have shooting ranges for travelers to practice shooting. You must be in a good healthy state and be sixteen years and above to take part in the shooting. There are different machine guns and different types of bullets as well. The bullets are sold with price depending on the type.
  • Watch documentaries: Immediately you enter you are shown a video of the lives of the Viet Cong soldiers and the locals.
  • Explore the traps
  • Take photos
Cu Chi, Socialist Republic of Vietnam – august 16 2018 : the Cu Chi Vietcong tunnels near Saigon

Food And Drinks

You can try out the various types of food like Cu Chi beef, sugarcane juice with durian and boiled cassava with grounded peanuts, sugar, and coconut. The Viet Cong soldiers used to eat the boiled cassava, grounded peanuts, sugar, and coconut as the food was scarce.

Take Note

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing you do not mind getting dirty.
  • Wear comfortable snickers
  • Carry mosquito repellant, sunscreen and a hat with you.
  • Not advisable for tourists with claustrophobia and high blood pressure.