What to See and Do in Ca Mau

Located along the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, Ca Mau is a laid-back province in the southernmost region of the country. Boasting a massive land area of 5,211 sq. km and three main sides are bordering the sea, Ca Mau is a great place to visit if you want to experience the best of nature. It is home to bird parks, forests, swamplands, and rivers.

Ca Mau may not be as popular as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, or other tourist places in Vietnam, but there are lots of attractions that are worth visiting in Ca Mau. It’s home to the U Minh Ha National Forest, which lies beside the Gulf of Thailand and a habitat for a hundred different species of plants and animals. There are also cultural attractions, such as the Quan Am Pagoda and Tan Hung Temple. Here’s a list of the best things to see and do in Ca Mau.

1. U Minh Ha National Forest

Most travelers would head to Ca Mau to visit the U Minh Ha National Forest, which is a national park recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world. Featuring a varied flora and fauna, the flora consists of the lush mangrove forests, vacant swamps, and seasonally flooded grassland. The fauna consists of freshwater fishes, wild boar, deer, turtle, lizard, and many other species.

When you visit the National Park, you’ll have a chance to stand on a forest observation deck that’s 25 meters high. Standing on top, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the immense forest, scenic rivers, and endless greens. You can also hire a boat to explore the mangrove forests.

2. Khai Long Beach

Ca Mau is also home to a beautiful sandy beach, the Khai Long Beach.  This gorgeous beach lies along the Khai Long Island in the district of Ngoc Hien. To visit the beach, you can take a motorboat from the city center that should take about an hour to reach Khai Long. Having an area of 230 hectares and a coastline of 3,800 meters long, you’ll surely have a wonderful time frolicking along the shores of Khai Long.

Khai Long’s flat golden sandy beach and shallow water make it suitable for swimming. Just before you reach the beach, you’ll come across a floating market where you can purchase some food and drinks. Some of the houses in the nearby village sell fresh seafood that they can also cook for you.

3. Quan Am Pagoda

For cultural sights in Ca Mau, the Quan Am Pagoda is highly recommended. This beautiful pagoda was built in 1840. Although it has undergone restoration several times, it still retained its ancient charm. It has unique architectural features and its roof is reminiscent to the roofs of the houses along the Mekong Delta. The pagoda is also decorated with ceramic products and other attractive decorative pieces.

You’ll find many statues in Quan Am Pagoda. During the year 1842, the Nguyen Dynasty gave the place a title of “Quan Am Co Tu Pagoda”. When the Vietnam War took place, the pagoda served as a shelter to some revolutionary soldiers. Some monks in the pagoda became martyrs in their fight to liberate the country from the colonizers.

4. Bird Garden

There’s also a Bird Garden in the city of Ca Mau that is worth a visit. It’s located within the cultural park and has an area of 18.2 hectares. The garden is home to a wide variety of bird species. There are also monuments, stilt houses, fishponds, and flower gardens at the park. Although most visitors would come here for the birds, you will also encounter several other animals, such as monkeys, turtles, pythons, iguanas, snakes, and more.

If you’re into birds, you will surely enjoy visiting this park. You’ll find them all over the place, from the bamboos to mangrove trees, and others would even come close to you! Listening to the chirping of the birds while surrounded by the stunning view of nature is such a relaxing thing to do in Ca Mau.

5. Hon Khoai and Hon Da Bac Islands

Ca Mau is home to a number of offshore islands, such as Hon Khoai and Hon Da Bac. Hon Khoai Island is shaped like a giant potato perch in the middle of an ocean and surrounded with several other smaller islands. The island is home to wild animals and there’s a bridge between the islands allowing you to navigate from one place to another.

The Hon Da Bac Island is much smaller but is definitely worth exploring. Surrounded with the ocean water, the island features countless granite rocks that are piled on top of each other creating a unique but beautiful shape. Here, you’ll find a temple dedicated to President Ho Chi Minh and a mausoleum where there’s a whale skeleton.

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