10 Obscure Islands in Vietnam worth Visiting

If you are looking for paradise islands to visit in your next holiday, then Vietnam is the home of lots of such. Among the many obscure islands in Vietnam include Cat Ba and Phu Quoc and so many others hidden in gems and need to be discovered. For satisfactory nature visit on islands, you can visit these top ten obscure islands in Vietnam at least once and get a lifetime experience.

1. Phu Quoc Island

You cannot speak of Obscure Island in Vietnam and fail to mention Phu Quoc Island. The island has a spacious, peaceful atmosphere, fresh air, and a cool breeze, far away from the hustles of daily life. It has crystal clear sea water, green coconut trees, beautiful sunshine, and white sand. Phu Quoc Island will surely give you the most significant island experience.

2. Nam Du Island

Nam Du Island should be your next “hot” destination this summer. This island offers existing sandy shores, crystal clear blue water and a shady coconut. The best thing about Nam Du Island is that trip therein is cheaper at only 2 million VND for the whole summer trip.

3. Con Dao

Con Dao is 165 kilometers from Can Tho, 179 kilometers from Vung Tau and 230 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh. The island has pristine beauty with clean white sand beaches, surrounding mountains, and peaceful scenery. Co Dao Island is the place to enjoy your visit as you get rid of fatigue and a long journey to Vietnam.

4. Binh Ba Island

For three years running, Binh Ba Island has been the first choice summer island for Vietnamese domestic tourists. This is because of its culinary richness and beautiful landscape, which have not only captivated the hearts of domestic tourists but also visitors across the globe. The island has several beaches with most of them reachable even by motorbike. The beaches are more extensive and adequately covered with white sand and reefs. Local tourist prefers Binh Ba Island has crystal clear sea water. Nevertheless, some of its beaches have many urchins that can stub your legs when swimming. However, this island is still an excellent magnet for those looking for beach cleanliness.

Apart from the romantic sceneries, white sand and blue sea water, Binh Ba Island boast a lot of dishes by several distinctive cuisines. You will find noodles, vermicelli, Can cake, quaivaccake, and pancakes.

5. Binh Hung Island

This island border the other islands Binh Ba Island. Binh Hung islands and Binh Ba Island and very popular among trekkers. It is a five-minute walk from the wharf to the island and is reachable through the running train. Although it is not so far developed for tourists, it is attracted to stone eggs beach, Ho Chut lighthouse and other tourist services like Binh Ba. Besides, there are very lovely bright and white sand as well as Kinh beach that will fascinate you on your visit.

6. Hang Rai

Thang Rai is located 35 kilometers from Phan Rang and south of Vinh Hy Bay. Then the region contains coral reefs and sea caves rangers that lead to the beach. It is located at the lean of a mountain and vast sea thus giving tourists a rare view of nature. The island has perfect a pile of multiple-shaped stones that creates numerous large and small beautifully placed caves. Hang Rai is an ideal place for those who want to satisfy their passion for nature.

7. Ly Son Island

Ly Som Island comes for Ly Son Island District and is a wonderland for tourists thanks to the emerald waters, the beaches, continuous white waves or flicker lighthouse’s flashes. The island is marred with natural scenery to give it a marvelous attraction. When on top of Thoi Loi, you can take beautiful sunset photos at the To Vo Gate. Indeed, Ly Son Island is one of the best tourists attractions in Quang Ngai.

8. Cu Lao Cham

This island is located about 15 kilometers far of Cua Dai beach, Cu Lao Cham and Hoi An. It consists of eight different islands and is gradually winning the hearts of many tourists both local and international. Only 15-minute floating from Cu Lao Cham, you will admire the front side of the island with a cool climate, lush forest, wide beaches, and vast sand that stretching.

Another fantastic thing about Cu Lao Cham is its breathtaking tube up and drive and the blue ocean. It has coastline fishing villages with winding roads through the dunes and fishing villages. The island has a jungle greenly picnic that will give you one of the best relaxing moments.

9. Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is situated on the southern side of Ha Long Bay and off the coast of Hai Phong and composed of 367 other islands. It has a fresh and suitable resort, cool climate and spacious beaches with flat sand. Most people visit this island to swim and enjoy clear blue sea water, and the beaches are not very crowded. There are plenty of Vietnamese best sea dishes such as snout, sam, squid, snapper, and lobster. The food prices are marked with no hidden expenses.

10. Co to Island


This is an archipelago which consists of more than different fifty other large and small islands making it the best resort for Vietnam travelers. In spite Co To Island being developed for tourism recently, it still has no high-end luxurious hotels, restaurants, and entertainment but the island still attracts thousands of tourists coming to explore its fantastic nature, which is hard to resist. There is plenty of fresh seafood to choose from.

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