9 Reasons Why You Should Make Nam Du Island

Nam Du Island is located in the Kien Giang province and has some of the fantastic sites good for spending the holidays.  You should plan a tour to this region during the dry season in December to March when weather is favorable. The information presented below explains the reasons you should make the island your next tour destination while in Vietnam.

1. Breathtaking beaches

Nam Du Island has fantastic beaches where you can spend your time with friends. You can decide to take photographs with your loved ones and participate in various activities such as camping. In the morning when the sun is rising, you will enjoy the spectacular view of the white sand beaches.

2. Warm welcome by friendly locals

The moment you land in Nam Du Island, you will be welcomed by the local people who love tourists in their area. You will have the chance to interact with them and observe their kindness and generosity. You will enjoy learning about their culture and have the opportunity to taste some of their traditional foods. You should plan to visit this area for an amazing cultural experience.

3. Boat ride to other islands

The boat ride is another breathtaking experience while in the Nam Du Island. You will love watching the beautiful scenery as you make your trips through the crystal clear sea. The boats are rented at very affordable prices. You can make trips to other islands such as Dau island and Mau island and take photographs.

4. Seafood

Nam Du Island offers you the opportunity to come and enjoy the unique foods prepared along the island. You should come to this area which is famous for unique and delicious seafood which include sea urchin, green fish, and squid among other types. The seafood is sold at an affordable price.

5. Enjoy the spectacular view of Nam Du Archipelago from the Lighthouse

The Nam Du island view from the lighthouse is one of the best places to visit while on your Vietnam tour. You should Come and enjoy the spectacular view of the sea while at the tower. You can take pictures and enjoy the calm atmosphere in this region.

6. Beautiful blue sea

Nam Du Island’s natural beauty and calm atmosphere will give you the peace you need while on your holidays. You should come to this region to experience the fantastic and breathtaking scenery of the beautiful blue sea and calm beaches. The blue sky on the horizon and the sparkling water will give a good view of the island.

7. Visit the Fishing Village

A visit to the Nam Du Island will enable you to come across the locals on the island who practice fishing. You will be free to interact with them, and you can live in one of their homesteads to experience the culture, eat their food and learn how to cook some of them. You can also learn from them the fishing techniques.

8. Enjoy drinks at Dat Do Beach


Dat Do Beach is a famous place to visit due to its serene beauty of the turquoise sea and yellow sand. You will view the beautiful Hon Hang Island. You can purchase drinks and enjoy taking pictures while relaxing in the serene atmosphere

9. Visit the temples and pagodas

A visit to the Hon Lon Island will give you an opportunity to see some of the best pagodas and temples in Nam Du region. You should visit Bai Tret and Bai Ngu to know the place of worship of the locals and learn about their spirituality.

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