10 Amazing Cultural Experiences in Vietnam

During holidays, people look for the best places to enjoy their free time and have a fantastic experience far from their homes. If you wish to have an amazing cultural experience, organize your trip and visit beautiful Vietnam. The country has some of the most hospitable people in the world. Take the opportunity and learn about the culture of the people, art and enjoy some of the country’s traditional food. This guide gives you tips on some of the fantastic cultural experiences you will find in the country.

Exciting Places to Visit for Amazing Experiences

1. Pay a visit to the hill tribe village

If you visit this area, you will explore the mountainous regions of Sapa and meet with the hospitable Hmong women. Take some photographs with the locals and enjoy the experience of a lifetime watching the beautiful valleys. The Red Dzao family is also located in this area. You will learn about their customs, traditions and the way of life in the mountains.

2. Explore the floating markets in Mekong Delta

Make your way travel an exciting experience by touring the Mekong Delta and observe the floating markets. You will see farmers and business people trading on a busy river in boats. You will learn about their culture and interact with people. Travel early in the morning to get an exciting experience because trading starts as soon as 4 am and ends around midday. Cai Rang is the most famous floating market in the region.

3. Travel to Mu Cang Chai region and explore the farming practices

Visit the rural areas of Yen Bai Province in the northwestern part of the country and have a look at the beautiful rice terraces in the regions. Interact with the locals and take a walk to observe the beautiful green landscapes of terraced rice farms. The area is quiet with breathtaking landscapes tumbling down mountainous regions giving you an unforgettable experience.

4. Participate in the Elephant Racing Festival

To take part in this annual festival, schedule your Vietnam visit in March. Dak Lak Province is the region that hosts this cultural event. You will be able to see people riding the elephants and taking part in the race which is a thrilling experience.

5. Visit Hanoi Old Quarter

Traveling to Hanoi is a top priority if you would love to experience the culture of Vietnamese. The city is busy with people carrying out their daily activities. Hanoi Old Quarter will provide you with the necessary information you may need to know about the way of life of the locals. You will have an opportunity to eat street food and explore their architectural designs in the Temple of Literature.

6. Take a Ride through the countryside of Ninh Binh

Explore the rural area by riding along your friends to Ninh Binh Villages. You will meet the local people and interact with them and have a fruitful stay in rural areas. You will eat some of the traditional foods prepared by the locals, and you can ask them for guidance in developing some of them.

7. Water puppetry show in Hanoi

If you would love to learn about the Vietnamese culture, water puppetry show will give you a fantastic experience. The event features the skillful manipulation of puppet characters by puppeteers in a water pool. During the puppet show, music is played, and amazing stories are told focusing on people’s lives and historical legends. The water puppet art is displayed in Hanoi near the Hoan Kien Lake.

8. The New Year Celebration

The New Celebrations in Vietnam will provide with an appropriate time to learn about the customs of the local people. You will find different traditional activities taking place such as ancestral worship, making of unique food and many other activities. If you would love to learn Vietnamese customs, make your Vietnam travel schedule during the first months of the year.

9. Learn the art of silk painting

Vietnam is known to have a rich and diverse culture due to the interaction of different communities. If you would love to learn about their silk painting art, schedule your Vietnam travel and come to Hanoi.

10. Take a cyclo ride

A cyclo is a three-wheel vehicle that has a long history in Vietnam. Ride on a cyclo to experience the traditional means of transport that dates back to the French colonization of Vietnam. Cyclos are operated by experienced Vietnam drivers who will guide you through Vietnam cities.

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