Nha Trang: Where to find the best Russian restaurants

It might come as a surprise, but there’s plenty of Russian restaurants in Nha Trang. In fact, you’ll probably notice quickly that this Vietnamese coastal city has signs, shopfronts and menus in Russian. This is because Nha Trang is an extremely popular tourist destination for Russian tourists. There is a direct flight connection from Russia to Nha Trang, with over 700 flights each year, which is one of the reasons why there’s so many tourists from Russia. Nha Trang is also an incredibly beautiful place to travel to, with mild weather all year round, white sand beaches, green mountains, and a six-kilometre stretch of beautiful coastline. It’s a winner, without a doubt.

There’s plenty of good Russian restaurants in Nha Trang, and when you need a little break from the local kitchen, you can always switch it up. Keep reading to see where you can find the best Russian restaurants.

Alpaca Homestyle Café

Not only is this cute café run by a Russian couple, it’s also regarded as one of the best in Nha Trang. The atmosphere is cozy with lighthearted quotes on the wall, European style decor and incredible food which is made with the freshest ingredients. They serve international food such as gnocchi, fajitas, salads, and has lots of vegetarian options  on their menu. Whether you’re in the mood for Asian, Western or Russian food, this café has it all. The interior will make you want to sit there for hours, listening to the waves, while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee.

Yummy Mummy

If you’re looking for good, authentic Russian food, pay a visit to Yummy Mummy. Just the name alone makes it worth going to. The restaurant is small, comfy and welcoming, with a small selection of dishes to choose from. Eating at Yummy Mummy makes you feel like you’re sitting in someone’s home, eating food that’s been made just for you, which is exactly what the owners Gene and Olya, are aiming for. Here you can feast on dumplings, meatballs and mashed potatoes, soups and various salads. The food has been prepared with love, the prices are inexpensive and the dining experience itself is priceless.

Esenin Restaurant and Pub

This highly popular restaurant offers some of the best home-cooked-style Russian dishes. If you’re really hungry, you must come here! The portions are big and the prices are reasonable. You can try some rather exotic meats here, such as crocodile and ostrich, but a recommendation is to try the Siberian dumplings. Esenin may be a bit difficult to find, since it’s hidden in a dark alley (sounds shady but it isn’t), but once you’ve found it, you’re in for a real treat. Esenin is also conveniently located close to many clubs and bars, so after the restaurant, you can go and dance the night away.


Stepping in to Shantaram is like revisiting Bali all over again, with their bamboo chairs, zen vibes, graffitied walls, and cozy atmosphere. It’s one of the best restaurants to go to if you want to enjoy Western food such as pizza, sandwiches, and various Russian dishes. Don’t forget to order potatoes with your dish – they’re absolutely divine and sprinkled with chopped parsley, served with mayonnaise and tastes lite garlic. It’s the perfect snack while you wait for your food.

The Moon Restaurant

It might not look as much from the outside, but this small restaurant serves some of the best Russian dumplings that you can get a hold of in Vietnam. The dumplings are packed with seasoned pork and spices, and they are perfect to eat as an appetizer – or as a main course, if you just order more than one plate. The servers are Russian, but the chefs are Vietnamese, and you can see on the menu that they also serve local food such as pho and fresh seafood. The menu is in Russian and Vietnamese, but there are pictures beside each dish to ensure you will get what you order.

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