The Best Way to Get Cheap Vietnam Visa for French Citizens

Many French citizens are traveling to Vietnam for holiday and business, if you are interested in joining them, you must be wondering how you can get a visa with the least amount of hassle. Getting a Vietnam visa particularly for French nationals is fairly easy as long as you pay the Vietnam visa fee for French citizens.

Let a Company Handle it for You

The application process is straight forward, but if you would like to have someone do the whole thing for you, that too is quite possible and it will save your time to make other preparations like packing and having a last day of drinks with your friends.

Visa agents usually have the latest information on the cheapest Vietnam visa for France as well as the right visa to apply for. They also are known to the embassy so they may be able to get the process speeded up in case you are in a hurry to travel.

There are a few things however you would need to avail them with:

  • Your full name as it appears on the passport
  • The passport number
  • A passport size photograph of 4 by 6cm
  • Your purpose for visiting Vietnam
  • Money for the visa

The agent may have you fill the application form and then they will do the rest.  Processing the visa can take anywhere from a few hours to 4 working days.

Apply Online

You could decide to apply for the visa online and you will receive it on arrival at the airport or any port of entry in Vietnam.

With this method, you do not have to leave your home or office. You simply fill an application form that you can access online from the immigration website.

Once you have filled in the form, you will be prompted to make payments for the application processing. It is possible to use a credit card to make payments.

After properly filling the form and submitting it, you can wait about 3 days for the approval letter to be emailed to you. This approval letter will also be emailed to all entry ports in Vietnam.

You can then book your flight to Vietnam and carry your passport and approval letter with you. On arrival in Vietnam, show the approval letter to the immigration officer and pay the stamp fee and the visa will be stamped.

The Vietnam visa total cost for French citizens may vary according to the visa you applied for or the agent fees you may have to pay.


You can also apply for the visa online and then have it issued at the French Embassy in Paris. This may be easiest for people who are in Paris and are a bit worried that they may get to Vietnam and have to wait long for the visa. The procedure is just like the online process, but instead of getting the visa in Vietnam, you can get it from the French embassy.

Determining the best way to get a Vietnam visa for French citizens may be an individual choice so any one of these 3 may be considered the best depending on the individual.

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