Restaurants in Vung Tau city

Aren’t you in search of the best restaurants along Vung Tau city, you won’t be disappointed. The Island has variety of eateries to much the test of food everywhere. From stingray hotspot and other favorite’s seafood to Ukrainian borsh and homemade pizza, Vung Tau city has a fantastic restaurant for all tastes. They are an ideal gateway to escape bustling in the Ho Chi Mint City for holiday and weekends. Here are the finest establishments you should make a point of visiting.

Ganh Hao Restaurant

For the early birds, Ganh Hao is the best for delicious meals. The restaurant has been in existence for ten years, basically meaning they have professional staffs. They offer a great experience to match, with best beautiful Island views in Vietnam. Their meals are a little expensive. It’s advisable to make an earlier reservation, for securing quite a place. They also have a fixed position for diners’ love, where there is a level ground for the children to enjoy as parents indulge in fine wine. Do not miss the presence of sunset!

Lau Ca Duoi 40 Hoang Minh

If you’re in search of stingray hot pot along city, visit “lau ca duoi”. They serve the local dish that carries the best varieties of nutrition.  Serving of pot meal is done together with several ingredients including; River crackers, stingray, pickled bamboo, vermicelli, chills, herbs, stingray and ubiquitous fish. They are at your service during breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Please, make sure you come with a friend since you won’t finish the meal alone.

Banh Khot Goc Vu Sua

For the pancake loves, banh khot Goc Vu Su is the restaurant for Vung Tau specialties, highly preferred over banh xeo. The place is a local favorite, currently increasing popular with foreigners. We activate inner craving in you by offering delicious pancake batter. As you take the meal, take advantage of the substances like sauce, greens and the shredded papaya. Don’t forget to take a glass of juice made from sugar cane as you leave, too.

Thanh Phat Seafood

Folks everywhere look for a restaurant full of high-quality and freshly seafood such as octopus, crab and sea snails, especially if you’re not a local. Despite the seafood’s being expensive, Thanh path won’t leave a massive dent in your pocket. They‘re located right beside the beach, giving you a golden opportunity to view the beach.

Lang Be Long Son

If you’re searching for a place to rest, head to Lang be son. It’s a wooden house, built over the sea. The location does a grateful task of enhancing a moderate surrounding when dining and resting. The menu takes a considerate step, with favorite’s seafood.

David Pizzeria

Sometimes you don’t have to indulge in an ordinary cheesy pizza.  Just head next to Pizzeria for delicious slices of original Italian pizza, serve with homemade ingredients like the steaks and pastas. These substances originate from Italy. They advocate sitting at patio when dining or rooftop when you want more breezes. The earlier you book, the better.