Vung Tau city Nightlife

Nightfall, a time of the day when people lie to rest as they gear up for the next day. Pursuing this further, Vung Tau city provides a rather peculiar distinct definition of night due to its thriving, exuberant nightlife. The city traces its existence in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, Southern Vietnam. Additionally, Vung Tau brags of its state of the art landmarks; like the splendid architectural design of the Hydrofoil Fast Ferry Station and the iconic view of the statue of Jesus on mount Nho (Small Mount). Immediately the sun covers the sky in its brilliant red, orange colors, the city begins to awake from its slumber, within moments a buzz of activity takes over the place. Read through the article to get a sneak preview of how your night in the city might turn out to be.

Dog Racing

A Vietnamese travel experience is full of surprises blended with memorable accounts of phenomenon activities which include the popular dog racing. Lam Son stadium in Vung Tau is the distinguished arena which houses the competitive dog racing sport with Fridays and Saturdays being the set days for the dual. Visitors experiencing the sport for the first time can get up close and personal with racing canines when preparations are under way and take pictures. Apart from witnessing the race, you can also participate in betting as the night progresses. A total of eight dogs grace the racing track and are supposed to complete 12 laps around the track. Betting is limited to a minimum of three choices, the fastest dog followed by second and third respectively.

Electric Bike and Bicycle Ridding

Vung Tau is a replica of paradise at night due to its beautiful appearance cultivated by the sparkling lights as you move about the streets. The best way to explore this gorgeous land would be through double bicycles or electric bikes as you feel the calm atmosphere and breathe fresh air. Furthermore, the coastal paths are fun to explore at night since you get to interact with the locals in a firsthand manner. Double bikes are readily available for hire at lucrative prices; you must have contact details of the vendor in case of any unfortunate eventuality such as urgent repair and the likes. Electric bikes are also available and they exhibit different carrying capacities.

Dining in Restaurants

Any Vietnamese travelling advisor understands the level of excellence maintained by the nightlife restaurants in Vung Tau in terms of service delivery and the cuisines in store. Whether it’s a romantic affair, corporate get together or perhaps a birthday party, the restaurants in the region got you covered. Seafood is a cherished dish in this region. In case you are a great enthusiast then you’ve found yourself a goldmine. The quality and taste of the food will definitely give you a reason to visit the destination once again. Some of the restaurants are Ganh Hao Restaurant, Truong Cong Dinh Fish Hotpot, Tu Nhien Snail restaurant and Co Nen restaurant with grilled dishes.

Entertainment in Clubs and Bars

Well, if you would wish to spend the night at a bar taking drinks or dance to beat, then Vung Tau night clubs and bars have your back. There are quite a variety of joints and lounges that can feed your appetite for explicit entertainment. Here are some of the known places in the city where nightlife satisfaction is guaranteed with respect to clubs and bars; Vuvuzela Beer Club, Neverland Beer, Black Pearl Bar, Blue Moon club and many others.