Travel To Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a city in the northeast of Vietnam. The place has breathtaking attractions that attract visitors at all times of the Year. The beautiful scenic landscape never fades its beauty at any given time of the year. So if you want a place that you can enjoy the blossoming nature in all four seasons Ha Giang is that place.

Tourist Attractions in Ha Giang

Dong Van Highland: The highland is known for its natural and extensive view of herbs and fruits. In addition to that, it has attracted visitors due to its welcoming climatic conditions during winter and summer.

Lung Cu Flagpole: One may climb to the top of the tower and to get the scenic view of the area as they enjoy the fresh atmosphere from the top. You can take pictures as well to make memorable.

Vuong Family Mansion: The house is the real definition of the ancient architectural designs in Vietnam. It has ten houses. It is a rare historical site that is dated way back and has become an attraction site to many.

The Circuit Flower Triangle: This is the best time of the year to visit Ha Giang. The pink colorful flowers blossom and give the area a spectacular and breathtaking site to look at.

The Terraced Fields: The golden color of rice when ripe adds to the beauty of the terraces. The stunning rice terraces are exactly what you need to look at in the field. It is not only beautiful to look at but also a great place to take pictures.

Local Khau Vai Love Market: It is a traditional market of Ha Giang minorities that take place locally. The local comes with costumes and handmade crafts and come to search for their loves. For visitors who are visiting this is the chance to join them and learn their customs and traditions.

There are many other attractions in Ha Giang like Quan Ba Heaven Gate and Twin Mountains, Ma Pi Leng pass, Dong Van Limestone Plateau.

The culture

H’mong are friendly and welcoming people. You will definitely enjoy your stay in the area eating and living with H’mong. It is a great experience as you get to indulge with them and learn about their culture. Ha Giang people also have traditional festivals and dances such as the fire dance festival of the Red Dao minority, Dzao traditional dance and the traditional New Year.

Means of Transport

Getting about the place will require transport means like a bicycle, motorcycle, bus, car or an organized tour.

Ha Giang Foods:

Leaving the place without tasting any of their delicious food will be a sad case for you. Some of the tasty cuisines served in ha Giang is grilled algae, steamed eggrolls, mixture of tiny pieces of pork, lemon grass and cardamom, buckwheat cake and sticky rice cooked with bamboo.

The markets:

A stroll around the market is a good idea. You most likely will not miss something that will get your attention. Variety of foods tailored made clothes, handicrafts are sold in the market. You can as well do your shopping here.


If you are worried about accommodation then don’t be as the area is developing fast and can offer accommodation like guest houses and home stays.

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