Travel Expenses in Vietnam

Like any other trip, expect to pay some cost as you travel in Vietnam.  The freight charges depending on your area of departure. However, wait to use at least $ 400 as you move within the cities in Vietnam. With such an amount you are guaranteed of travelling in various places such as the Mekong Delta as well as the tour in cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City among others.

Here are some of the areas you must spend as you tour in Vietnam

Freight charges

Unless you are a government agent, while travelling to Vietnam you will have to pay for your freight.  The aspect of moving from one area to the other is critical as you tour in a place. Thus you can’t avoid paying the expenses of travelling from your destination until you land in Vietnam.

Moving from one City to the other

If you are planning on staying in Vietnam for more than 3o days, there are chances that you will have to travel from one city to the other.  Also, you may also need to go to the town as you explore nature in Vietnam. Thus, you will have to pay an extra cost that will cater for your transport from one city t the other. There are also chances that you may need to vacate from one place of residence to the other. As you travel to seek accommodation, you may have to incur some cost especially if you have a family. 

Tourist Attraction Sites

There are numerous tourist attraction sites that you may have an interest in touring. Most of these sites are located away from the major cities of the nation. In most cases, tourists visit most of these places during the day and as the evening approaches they make their ways back to their place of residence. Thus, if you are planning of visiting any site away from your chosen area of the house, you may have to undergo a relatively small cost as you make your way to these sites.

Means of transport

Motorbikes are very popular in Vietnam. However, buses and trains are relatively low in terms of costs hence preferred by many. Thus, if you choose to travel by bus, ensure that you have paid for the lift to avoid chaos. The Vietnamese people are relatively peaceful at any time. But when they are ignited, they can behave weirdly.

Other necessities

If you are a British Citizen passport holders, you can enter Vietnam and spend a maximum of 15 days without a visa.  However, due to some security reasons, if you are from other nationalities, you will need a permit before you enter Vietnam. You thus need to visit your nearest Vietnamese embassy to get a visa before touring the nation or apply online for picking up your visa on arrival at international airport of Vietnam. You don’t have to be mistaken as a terrorist and risk imprisonment yet you can easily access a permit and comfortably visit the land. As you travel around Vietnam, ensure that you have your Visa and passport.

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