Top 10 Shopping Centers in Hoi An

Hoi An old town has numerous shopping areas that not a single person can finish visiting within a single visit. The city has many products both local and foreign to fit different expectations for buyers and sellers. You will find all kinds of items that range from indigenous handcrafts, souvenirs, clothes, fresh farm produce, and textiles. The temptations to stop and look at the beautiful products the town has to offer is something you can’t contain.

Below are top 10 shopping centers in Hoi An for all kinds of your shopping needs

1. Aobaba Hoi An

Aobaba is a privately owned tailor shop by one of the families leaving in Hoi An. The shop provides for world-class textiles designs and tailoring products. The tailor shop is flexible in the sense that it provides you with choices to make from the available latest designs. That is before they can start tailoring your suit or dress. You are free to suggest from many available international designs to your liking. You will wait 24 hours for your dress or request to have a delivery to your hotel.

2. Cocobox Café

Cocobox café is a popular area for providing visitors with the most excellent drinks, beverages, and other accessories. Here you will find trading products such as chocolate bars, tea, homemade jams, lotions, massage oil among others. Due to its location in the center of the town, Cocobox café farm shop receives many visitors, and it never disappoints.

3. Metiseko

Metiseko shopping center specializes in women products, eco-friendly home appliances, and modern accessories. All these products are made using cotton and silk of the best quality. It offers designs that have a blend of the local Vietnamese touch with the foreign. Examples of products for trading here include scarfs, cushion covers, dresses, keyrings, and jumpsuits.

4. Lotus Jewelry

Lotus jewelry house is a design house dealing with modern and sophisticated beauty accessories. Most of the jewelry found here is quality and made using gold, pearls, precious stones and silver. Among the items to shop in this jewelry house include bracelets, rings, broaches, and necklaces.

5. Fine Art Gallery

Hoi An Fine Art Gallery has a lot of renown prints developed by Etienne Bossot, a French photographer. The studio here has flexible services in case you want your copies delivered to your hotel. Photographs from other talented Vietnam local photographers are also found here and varied prices. All you need to do is make a quick stop and see your choice.

6. Hoi An Shoe Shops

The famous shoe shop in Hoi An produces quality shoes that meet both local and international standards. You will find this shoe store in the street of Tran Phu. The shoe house hosts more than 500 of shoe designs and therefore an ideal place for a shoe lover. The prices of the shoes here start from as low as $35 onwards. The shoe shop also allows for reimbursement in cases of client dissatisfaction.

7. Lifestart Foundation Workshop

Lifestart is a foundation from local Vietnamese populations who are underprivileged. Most of them are mainly women who make local handicrafts for trading to earn a living. The workshop also offers training for guests and painting classes for indigenous paint works at a fee. Among the items you will find selling here include flower vases, handmade handbags, and manually painted t-shirts.

8. Central Hoi An Market

You will discover Hoi An Market on the side of river Thu Bon bustling with lots of trading activities. Here you will find locals and tourists exchanging all kinds of commodities. These commodities include sweets, fresh fruits, spices, handicrafts, and vegetables among others. Due to fishing that takes place in river Thu Bon, fishing business is quite popular.

9. Silk Center

The silk center in Hoi An provides pure silk products that range from designer suits, lanterns, dresses, and quality textiles. Visiting the silk village will give the experience of processing silk until to its final products. That is an adventure you can’t afford missing.

10. Arts and crafts at Reaching Out

This famous art center is full of local Vietnamese handcrafts made by the physically challenged and poor communities in Vietnam. Reach out Arts and Craft center was developed to inspire hope and help the disadvantaged populations with the region. The produce found here include clothing, accessories, embroidery, ceramics, and stationaries among others.

Hoi An has all that you are looking during your Vietnam travel. Do not limit yourself.