Top 10 Shopping Centers In Hanoi

Hanoi town is the other capital of Vietnam and has no limitations whether you want to shop during the day or night. During the nights, the markets and shopping centers are equally active just like they are during day time. You can choose to visit the market after sightseeing activities of the day to wind up your enjoyment.

Below are top 10 places you can visit for shopping while in Hanoi.

1. Hang Ma Street

The street of Hang Ma is usually full of people whether locals or tourists, walking around either to shop or marvel at the items on display. The area specializes in the trading of decorations and other colorful artifacts for beauty. Locals here buy these items for decoration during festivals such as New Year, Lunar Celebrations, Christmas and other national holidays. By walking through the streets of Hang Ma, you can buy colorful lanterns and parallel red sentences. Hang Ma area is excellent for taking pictures and selfies.

2. The Old Quarter Night Market

The old quarter night market is a beautiful shopping area for you to pay a visit during the night. You will see traders greeting you with friendly and cheerful faces ready to sell for your legit commodities. All you need to do is knowing what you want from them. The locals and tourists visit the old quarter market to buy items such as jewelry, handcrafts, lacquer, and accessories. Besides the commodities, you can purchase local Vietnamese meals from the local vendors in the market. Some of the meals to find here include cakes, noodles, and soaked fruit among others.

3. The Silk Market of Van Phuc

Just like the name suggests, silk is the popular commodity for trading in this market. Vietnamese local expert produces quality silk for the global market from here. Both locals and travelers visit the market to purchase pure silk product for exchange.

4. Hang Duong street

The street of Hang Doung has a lot to provide on your shopping list depending on your budget. Here you will find the traditional Vietnamese snacks of different kinds and sweets. An example of a favorite meal to see in the street of Hang Duong is “O Mai”. “O Mai” is prepared using dry apricot and with sugar coatings. This traditional recipe for Vietnam locals has been a practice from one generation to another.

5. Parkson Shopping Center

Parkson shopping mall if full of stalls with clothes for all kinds of brands, trends, and styles. If you love shopping, then Parkson is the ideal place to visit. The supply in plenty with twists in style and fashion. Here you will find popular brands such as Geox, Tommy Hilfiger, Aigner and Yves Saint Lawrence among others.

6. The Pottery Village at Bat Trang

You will find the potter village near river Hong in rural Vietnam. Here you will find the souvenirs of Vietnam local talent. The items to see here include vases, plates, mugs, and bowls among others.

7. Vincom Megamall

The royal mall of Vincom forms the vast shopping area in Asia. It’s so big that it’s possible to get lost during your visit. The mall has every item you may want to buy ranging from personal effect, electronics to artifacts and many others.

8. Hang Be Market

Vietnamese local people are famous on this market. If your interest is getting to know and learn about the locals, then Hang Be market if perfect. The local people visit the market to purchase common commodities such as clothes, utensils, and foodstuffs among others. You will see few tourists around trying to engage with the locals at different times in the market.

9. Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan market is ancient and among the biggest shopping centers in Hanoi. It commonly deals with wholesale traders and therefore low prices for largescale shoppers. Items to find here include shoes, handbags, clothes, hats, and jewelry among others.

10. Hang Da Market

The market of Hang Da is popularly known for trading delicious local food staffs with all manner of tasty flavors. Apart from the food items, Hang Da market will provide you with different kinds of fashionable outfits, pieces of jewelry and hair accessories.

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