Top 10 Attractions In Hoi An

Hoi An is a beautiful city on the eastern side of Vietnam sea that is known well for its ancient town. The town is well known for its versatile tourist attraction. If you are searching for a place to be on holiday whether alone or with family Hoi An is the perfect place to be. It will give you experiences of both luxurious and simple lifestyles. The major tourist attractions in the city include;

1. Ancient Town

The place is exactly where to be. Chinese, Japanese and French cultures influence the architectural designs of this famous old town. It is filled with temples, chapels and pagodas which attract most visitors to the area. The best way to know the city better is by walking. There are a lot of activities to take part in in the town such as;

Cooking Classes: Some restaurant offers this, and it is the best way to learn the culture in the city.

Pot Making: This favors people who are with kids but can as well be done by the elders.

Cycling: Bicycle riding is the favored means of transport in the city as no vehicles are allowed.

2. My Son Sanctuary        


The temple in the old town was declared UNESCO world heritage site. The temple was the primary tourist attraction site. It is located to the west of Hoi An and is 40km away from the town. As you enter, you are carried by a small cart to the park from where your jour around the ancient Hindu ruins will start. You will come across a total of 71 temples inside.

3. The Beautiful Beaches

The beaches are located a few kilometers from Hoi An town. An Bang beach is the most known beach in the area with blue waters and long sandy shores that are not affected by erosion. After an exhausting day, this is the perfect destination for you. Getting refreshed in the blue water, bathing in the sun and enjoying the breeze.

4. The Central Market of Hoi An

As you pass by the market you will come across vendors who sell Hoi fresh food at meagre prices and in different varieties. Hoi An is well known for its delicious varieties like Cao lau which is a combination of noodle and fish and also prawn dish. Visitors have different foods to choose from according to their preferences.

5. Bamboo Basket Boats

This is another exciting scene to look at, a handmade bamboo basket boat? This is surprising enough. The boats cruise down the river as the fishermen do their fishing. It is relaxing sufficiently to find a nice restaurant by the riverside to sit as you take a cold drink or the delicious food watching the boats or even better make the old reality and take a tour in the boat down the river.

6. Night Lanterns

Nothing is fascinating like being in a place lit with rare, ancient lanterns. This is not a thing we come by every day. The night by the riverside at Hoi An is illuminated with colorful old lamps that makes the atmosphere fascinating and welcoming at night. You may choose to relax and enjoy the atmosphere in the company of friendly Vietnamese or buy a lantern and take it home to make it memorable.

7. The Japanese Covered Bridge

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An. Vietnam

The Japanese covered bridge was built in the 17th century. It enabled the Chinese to be accessible to their Chinese neighbors. The deck is referred to shelter people from harsh weather. It is as well decorated with animal carvings. The original ancient design of the bridge has been maintained for 400 years.

8. The Tailors

One of the activities that you would want to take part in is getting something traditionally made for you by the tailors. Hoi An is historically known for its trading in silk in the past. Variety of fabrics and clothes of different colours are available at the shops which best to showcases their culture.

9. Tan Ky Old House

The house has become an attraction site to many not only because it is like an old museum which is 200 years old but also the fact that it has been passed down through seven generations of families with the same Vietnamese name. Adding to that it has pulleys that usually lift the furniture up during flooding to avoid the floods and the wooden carvings of the wall.

10. Fujian Assembly Hall

The hall is located in the center of the city; it was mostly constructed for the visitors from China who visited the place for some time as well as the area residents. The hall is well decorated, and it has a temple inside. The dragon sculpture is what attracts most visitors to the place. Inside you will find places to sit and enjoy the serene environment.

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