Top 10 attractions in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is the largest city in Vietnam. There are a tons of things to be enjoyed here starting from the charming streets, local cuisines, numerous markets, traffic, and the local culture. The city is a unification center. A symbol of how the Vietnamese fought for liberation and their independence.

There are lots of motorbikes, and the hooting sound is normal. Despite that, the place has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. This article covers areas that you would adore in this remarkable city.

Well, let dive right in.

1. The Reunification Palace

The palace was constructed in 1962. This building is symbolic. In 975, the military crash took place here signifying the end of the war era. Symbolizes when Vietnamese broke from the chains of the colonial period.

There is both modern and traditional architecture making this place spectacular. The site has antique furniture and surrounded by a tropical garden. National events and pre-wedding are sometimes held here.

2. War Remnants Museum

This museum holds history at its fingertips. Inside are remnants of war such as bombs, weapons, canon tanks, and helicopters. Additionally, there are tiger cages which used to capture political hostages. The artifacts and galleries would give you a glimpse of their culture.

3. Cao Dai Temple

This is a high palace holding Vietnam religion. The religion is composed of a taste of Buddhism, and Confucianism. The place has exhilarating decorations made of gold, colorful dragon pillars, and seven-headed cobras.

The glass polishing and blue ceilings add to the attractiveness.

4. Notre Dame Cathedral

Made of red brick, Notre Dame is of the oldest cathedrals. The place is sacred. The French architecture designs render it spectacular. At the front of the church is the statue of the Virgin Mary.

In 2005, the statue shaded tears and the more reasons to visit here.

Nguyen Hue walking street

Nguyen hue is famous for the food stalls. It’s a free place and often busy during the night. During weekdays vehicles are allowed to pass. Interestingly, during the weekend the road is closed from 6pm to 1 am. Strolling around or going for romantic walks with your partner while trying the foods gives you a remarkable experience.

China Town and Binh Tay Market

As much as it’s crowded, visiting this mark is enthralling. Watching the vendors and traders going on their businesses is fun. Lots of stuff are sold. For instance; fruits, nuts, vegetables, and even seafood.

Moreover, you can easily interact with the locals.

Jade Emperor Pagoda

Chinese Empire in 1990, jade emperor pagoda is a sacred shrine. This is Buddhists worship center. Often the air here smells of incest. The place is dimly limit giving a sensational feeling. And the locals come here to pray. There are statues of gods and goddess. Outside you can make a stopover at the full tortoise pond and feed them. This is a way of merrymaking

Bitexco Tower and Sky deck

This is a 68-floor modern tower. The building hosts offices and restaurants. The sky deck is on the 49th floor and is suitable for sight viewing. You excellent experiences use binoculars for the sight viewing.

Furthermore, you can enjoy drinks on the 50th floors in one of the many restaurants.

Museum of Vietnamese history

There are artifacts from former Vietnam ethnic groups. Additionally, there are stone and bronze sculptors. There is also a botanic garden for your strolls. There is a theatre where you can watch shows of the water puppet.

Saigon Central Post Office

This is a landmark. Away from modem emails. You can send a letter to your loved ones from here. Inside the buildings are marbling floors telephone boxes and postcards.

Lastly, there are souvenirs to take back home for your loved ones.

Wrap up: When you go to Vietnam, visit Ho Chi Minh to enjoy the amazing things it offers.