Things to consider as you plan to travel to Vietnam

Vietnam has been overlooked vacation destination for quite a long time. However, Vietnam has very rich history and interesting culture in Vietnam that is worth experiencing. Vietnam has a variety of places to visit including the Royal Tombs of Hue, Hoi Ann and Citadel. There are plenty five star hotels, restaurant and resorts in Vietnam where visitors can enjoy Vietnamese culture and social amenities.

It is also important to know that Vietnam is a very beautiful country with vivid colors of nature and sceneries of landscapes. Vietnam is among the top tourist attraction destinations of the Southeast Asia and it attracts thousands of tourists from all continents annually. However, to ensure a successful trip to Vietnam, you need to lay down a proper traveling plan to avoid stress and frustrations in a foreign land. Proper planning can also save you a lot of money since it will compel you to work within your budget.  So, it is always a noble idea to properly plan your trip to Vietnam.

Things to consider in your plan to Vietnam visit

Time zone: if you consider having a trip to Vietnam, you should carefully consider the difference in time zone. Among the American countries, European countries, African countries or Asia countries, there is a significant difference in time zones. So, take note of the difference in time zones and make your calculation proper as you plan for your Vietnam trip.

Language: Vietnam is located within Southeast Asia. So, you should check the language that is spoken over there. Vietnamese and people who reside there are not native English speakers rather they mostly speak their own Vietnamese language. However, this does not mean that you will have to hire an interpreter or struggle to learn Vietnamese language. There are multilingual tour guides who are ready to show you different places using English language. Similarly, most hotel staffs, car rental drivers, taxi men can also speak and understand English. Being a colony of France, you will find some people in some parts of Vietnam speaking fluent French.

Timing: Having been convinced that Vietnam is the best place you should visit, it is important to know the best timing for the trip. Majorly, the best time to travel to Vietnam as a tourist is between December and May. However, if you cannot travel within this period, it would be wise to collect sufficient information about the country and come at any time of the year, having full information about the weather condition at that particular time of your visit.

Food: Of course Vietnam has some of the best dishes in Southeast Asia. There are fresh and natural foods from street vendors that healthiest. If you are a vegetarian, you will find best vegetable dishes in rural areas as well as food vendors in the streets. The 5-start hotels in Vietnam’s capitals of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh also provide modern dishes for visitors from all walks of life. There are Italian foods, American foods, and Chinese foods among other special dishes. Nevertheless, caution should be taken in order to avoid eating food that you are not familiar with and stay away from food poisoning. You need to make prior enquiry about various foods available and ascertain that it is fit for your body system. Most processed foods found in some restaurants and supermarkets of big cities in Vietnam may have a lot of preservatives, so, the street food vendors are the best people to buy your food from.

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