The nightmare of being a tourist in Vietnam

For so long, Vietnam has known for by the most unfortunate war that rocked the country leaving millions of people dead and massive destructions done. However, until the stop of the bloody war, the country was able to rise up and pick up its pieces and begun building back its reputation to what can be seen today as a great development.

Vietnam is very rich country when it comes to tourist attraction sites, culture, holiday and vocation sites. The country boasts rich historical architect that were left by their French colonies. The historical background of the country couple with rich diversity of culture is reasons to visit Vietnam. The sceneries of beautiful landscape, mountains for adventure and hiking are also available to explore. Modern beaches along the coastal lines of the sea have also attracted visitors from all works of life.

Despite the above wonderful things that tourists can explore in Vietnam, it can be a really disturbing nightmare if you visit Vietnam without proper planning. The nightmare of being a tourist in Vietnam does not come from any other side but entirely depend on how you plan and prepare to travel to Vietnam.

Below are some of the things that can make you experience nightmare as a tourist in Vietnam.

Health insurance coverage: if you are to travel to Vietnam as a tourist, you need an international health insurance cover to cater for your medical expenses in the Vietnam, especially if you know that you have a disease that really bothers you. If you ignore the advice to take a medical cover, you will bring to yourself the nightmare of being a tourist in Vietnam because you will spend extra money for your medication incase a disease or an injury arises in the course of the trip. Spending extra cash on medication simply means that you will be out of your budget and perhaps, at the end of the visit, you might not get the real value of your tour.

Security: of course Vietnam is known to be a country with very little threat of terrorism. The citizens of this country are also known to be peace-loving and friendly in all manner. However, in their major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, there are few cases of petty theft, bag snatching and pick-pocketing. You will find yourself in the center of the nightmare of being a tourist in Vietnam if you ignore the simple caution of keeping safe while in the streets of these towns. If you happen to wear expensive jewelry or carry important document to the streets, you might end up being snatched, pick-pocketed or stolen from. Imagine the havoc and frustration of losing crucial documents in a foreign country. It is real nightmare! As a precaution, don’t carry crucial document or money that you don’t need to the streets but rather leave them behind in the hotel room for your safety and avoid nightmare.


Food: The Englishmen once said “One man’s food is another man’s poison” it is very important to keep note of what is going to be your diet when you visit Vietnam. Of course there is food in Vietnam, but maybe it doesn’t ogre well with your body system. Just taking food because of taking it can cause you nightmare in a strange land. If you find yourself in the middle of food poisoning simply because you took something that your body system is not comfortable with. So, it is in your position to prevent the nightmare of being a tourist in Vietnam by checking your diet and what is available in Vietnam diet prior to the visit.