Sport Activities in Hue

There are a lot of sporting activities to take part in while at Hue running from taking part in the cooking classes to boat riding around river perfume to the next market for fresh vegetables and fruits.

Boat Riding Along Perfume River


The boat cruising along river perfume is one famous activity in Hue. Cruising along the river as you watch the beauty of the river, buildings, and citadels. Besides cruising there is food offered to visitors that is normally cooked on board. If you happen to cruise at night, then you are lucky to enjoy the live Hue traditional music which adds to the romantic atmosphere along the river.

Cooking Classes

Learning how to cook the traditional Hue food is quite exciting, after all, most Hue cuisines were the ones that used to be served to royal dynasties. Majority of the restaurants offer boat rides along the perfume river to pick fresh ingredients before they start the cooking classes. Travelers are thought to cook the traditional Vietnamese cuisines.


What other best way can you enjoy the city apart from trekking and cycling. Discover the beautiful plants and rare animals like primates and deer species as well at Bach Ma National Park. Explore even the local villages in Hue as you enjoy the fresh new atmosphere. Explore the caves and the jungles in the area. As you pass by beautiful flowers and rice paddy fields in the local villages. Take a cold swim in the small rivers and streams and watch the waterfalls.

Cycling around the city


Cycling around the city is quite another good experience, especially with a friends. Cycling along the highways and coastlines as you admire the waterfalls, rare plants and animals, villages, mall rivers, along perfume river, beautiful landscapes and explore the caves and citadels, as well as making stopovers.


The elephant springs is a spring that not only is beautiful but it provides a natural pool of water that you can dive into and enjoy swimming.


Hue has a lot of rivers, ponds where fishing is done. Travelers also board a boat cruise along the river where they meet the local fishermen. They learn the traditional way of net fishing. Others may want to take their own trek and find there the way to the rivers. Guided fishing services are also available. Fishing is good especially for those who do not want vigorous thrilling activities.