Restaurants in Hue

Hue – the ancient capital of Vietnam is said to have served most royal families. Emperors used to go to other restaurants in search of the best chefs and brought them to Hue. Not only is it exciting to eat and sit in a place that used to serve royalties but also enjoying the delicious traditional food, great views and a beautiful romantic atmosphere with food. Both luxurious and humble restaurants are found in Hue. Majority of tourists choose to eat the traditional cuisine dishes over pizza and Italian pasta offered in the downtown restaurants of Hue. Some of the restaurants that are famous in Hue are:

Paradise Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant is located at river edge street. It offers a wide variety of cuisines giving customers a variety to choose from. You will find all kind of food ranging from Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Hue traditional dishes. There is both an outside setting in the garden and the inside setting. Most tourists choose this place because of the great view, tasty food and welcoming trained workers.

Ancient Hue Restaurant

The restaurant has a stylish design with the finest chefs who can create stylish designs of animals and plants in every dish. Every meal is presented with vegetable salad. Variety of dishes is offered. They also offer cooking classes for those who are interested. You may also get yourself a ride in the boat to move to the riverside market.

Royal Park Restaurant

Royal park restaurant is built with stylish royal architecture. You will be served with dishes by elegant female workers with guards securing the place. The setup and its operation give you a feeling of royalty.

Ngu Uyen Restaurant

The restaurant deals with only traditional cuisines such as beef noodle, pork rolls and many more. Ngu Uyen restaurant has fine chefs who are well trained and able to come up with special delicious dishes. The place also has the advantage of fair prices.

Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant

Apart from the distinctive dishes, it used to serve the royal families the cooks here are among those who used to serve the Nguyen Dynasty. The place is fitted with magnificent ancient lanterns that add to the beauty of the atmosphere. The atmosphere of royal stylishness in this restaurant is very welcoming. Dining here gives one the feeling of royalty.

Mandarin Cafe

Mandarin cafe offers other services like bookings for cars, motorbikes or boats for your trips. It serves Western and Vietnamese meals.

Le Parfum Restaurant

Le Parfum Restaurant is located in La Residence Resort. Visitors get to enjoy French and Vietnamese cuisines including European wines. If you get a chance to sit upstairs, you have the advantage of having a great view of the herb garden and Perfume River. They have a degustation menu which consists of a few servings prior to the main course and a wide variety of wines.

Khai Hoan Restaurant

The guests are dressed to look like queens and kings then they sit together to enjoy the delicious tasty meals served with a taste of Western and Asian style. Apart from the normal servings they also serve in parties, weddings, and conference.