Is three weeks enough to travel to Vietnam?

Vietnam is a source of lucrative adventurous destinations that offer wonderland scenery throughout the country. Additionally, she also cultivates an array of fun, entertaining activities that are scheduled within the year. Planning a trip to Vietnam requires adequate preparations such as having a valid passport and Visa in place. The country’s menu for spectacular places to visit and joyful activities to partake in can be rather challenging to conquer in given span of time depending on your schedule. September to April is hyped as one of the peak seasons for travel to Vietnam. There is never a good time to travel to Vietnam any time in the year is great; but is three weeks enough for the thrill of a lifetime on this land? Here are some of places you can visit.

Northern Vietnam in one week

The journey begins in the northern town in Vietnam known as Sapa. This region has got much more to offer including hiking and meeting indigenous hill tribes whose culture is interesting. In addition, the rice field terraces are a sight to behold and magnificent to the eyes. The next destination is the esteemed capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi. Hanoi provides you excellent Vietnamese architecture, which is visible from the spectacular buildings in the streets and their cuisines are delicious from the taste. How about a boat trip in Tam Coc? Tam Coc is an amazing town, which is home to caves and temples in addition to the famous boat trip along a river as you enjoy divine silence. The last stop heading into central Vietnam is Halong bay; in 1994 the place was honoured as UNESCO World Heritage site due to its gorgeous beauty.

Central Vietnam in one week

The tour of central Vietnam commences from the third largest city in the country, Danang. Pursuing these further, Danang is well known for its delicacy, the mouth-watering seafood restaurant. The marble mountain, a very significant landmark in the area and home to Buddhist and Hindu temples. Hue is the next stop after Danang where the history of the Vietnamese war can be traced as you head towards Phong Nha. Hue is enriched with great history related to the tombs and Citadel in the city. On the other hand, Phong Nha is endowed with breath-taking caves. Some of the caves names are the Dark cave and the Paradise cave. Heading further south lies the city of Hoi An in it’s old town where the 17th century port is located. This should be the last place to be visited in central Vietnam.

Southern Vietnam in one week


The third week can be spent in southern Vietnam starting from Saigon, the biggest city in southern Vietnam. Saigon is a significant destination because it hosted the independence palace of the southern government during the Vietnam war. Latter in the year 1975 on wards the establishment war refurbished into a museum. After exploring the city of Saigon, you now head towards the rural area of Mekong Delta. The countryside has got plenty in store to offer apart from the fresh vegetables and fruits. Phu Quoc island is the last destination to visit in the south as it wraps up the adventure. The cool waters provide a nice sensation as well as sunbathing and other sporting activities.

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