Is it Dangerous for Traveling to Vietnam?

Vietnam is a long stretching, historically and beautiful nation in Asia. However, before you pack your items and start of your journey, there are some few things that you need to understand about Vietnam.

Vietnam is a Safety Destination 

Vietnam is a friendly and safe place to travel in.  Thus, if you plan to spend your holidays in Vietnam, expect a trip that is trouble free and smooth. Many tourists who visit the nation complains of over-aggressive street vendors as well as operators with a bad attitude. However, you need to plan yourself well and avoid such problems. If you don’t know anything, don’t even bother asking its price. Such an attitude will help you avoid the vendors that will ensure that you buy some of their products before you part ways.

The Dos

The greetings are not different from western countries. There are no formalities that are required when greeting a person. Thus, feel free to shake your hand with anyone and expect a warm welcome.  People in Vietnam wear conservatively. Although the place is too hot, ensure that you don’t show much of your skin. The aspect will draw more attention, as well as stares, form the locals, and in the long run, you might be at risk of being sported by evil people. Dress well as you visit pagodas. Avoid wearing shorts or tatty beer t-shirts. Make an effort of following what the locals do to enhance your safety.  Don’t openly condemn their ways of doing things, otherwise you might land yourself into troubles.

You don’t have to drink a lot of bottled water. The aspect will draw more attention to your naivety. There is no need of carrying huge bottles of water as vendors will reach you before you find them. Ensure that your cash, as well as credit cards and tickets, are in a safe place. Certificates, as well as other traveling documents, should be at an accessible location so as you can avoid unnecessary arrests.


You don’t have to wear a lot of jewelry or take your bag with you as you travel. Although violent crime is highly unusual in Vietnam, petty crime is more apparent. Thus, you need to be vigilant and more careful as your visit to Vietnam. If you were traveling using a motorbike or a taxi, make sure that your bag if any are well kept and not accessible to grabbing. In most cases, tourists complain of bag grabbing as they walk around the cities in Vietnam.

Losing tempers in Vietnam means a loss of your face. Keep a cool head, and in the long run, you will have a higher chance of getting what you want. For the safety of your family, avoid showing affection in public. It is worth noting that you are in Vietnam one of the developing nations. Thus, things might not be working as you are used to. However you don’t have to be paranoid about your safety, what you need to do is be aware of your surroundings. By so doing, you will ensure that your family and friends are safe and ready to have more fun as they travel in the land.

Vietnam is a safe place to visit. What you need to do in an attempt to boost your safety is understanding your environment and being keen on how you handle and interact with the local people in the nation.

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