Nightlife in Da Nang

When the sun set it is not the end of fun in Da Nang but is just the beginning of fresh and interesting moment. The clubs, lounges and bars offer lively music to make sure you put your dancing shoes on as you helter-skelter along Da Nang. During the night Dragon Bridge lights up the city and this mark the beginning of interesting parties. Despite the fact that, they might not offer perfect and enjoyable events as compared with other large cities, still there are many activities to experience especially for international and domestic guest. It’s luck enough, if you’re in the mood of enjoying beers and dances performance in these nightlife spots. The city is mainly known as trade and business center, meaning that there are several options to choose for leisure especially to the travellers. For those looking for memorable nighttime, there are numerous of lounges, clubs and night bars. Many venues are early as compared to the other cities. In case, you’re searching for travelling opinions’ in Da Nang at night, then this article will control your footsteps to place of your interest.

Golden Pine Bar

If you’re looking forward for an interesting place to relax and enjoy in Da Nang during the night, then make it your habit to visit THE Golden Pine Bar. The place is known for fun, where locals and Expats mix and mingle publicly without any hindrance issues. A part from dance performance, pool table and perfect atmosphere, there are sexy girls all over who make this place outstanding form other bars. They have staffs who offer a welcoming friendly atmosphere and are open minded to their customers. In additional to extensive menu list, they provide western dishes. The management of this bar has turned this place to be a center point of celebration through party’s performance and making it fun till morning. Guests start showing up from 9 am to 10 pm. According to the statistics, 80% of the visitors are local people.

On the Radio Bar

For the youth who treasure music, this is your place. The place offers the stage for live performance. Band is well organized with talented and skilled personnel. Contemporary of music give a perfect atmosphere for enjoying the goodness of reggae music while the remaining percentage composes of both foreign tourist and expats.

Bamboo2 Bar

In Bamboo2 bar, they offer the most attracting menu lists. From soft drinks to hard drinks, this place is at your service anytime. They have server who are ready to prepare the meal of base on your interest. Location of this bar is at 216 Bach Dang Street, opposite Han River and has a total of 3 floors. It’s the best place for locals and tourist to intermingle while spending their evening hours. On the 3rd floor, they have pool table, chairs and tables on front as act of inviting everyone for discussions. For the sports fun, the place has 3flat screen TVs to watch various sport games including football, tennis and rugby. In addition, they serve ciders and beers as per your order. The bar is highly regards as first choice for expats in Da Nang. Bamboo2 bar was born after the fall of original Bamboo that existed 10 years. The main reason why the original Bamboo Bar failed in the city is because it was only known in Da Nang, making it hard for tourist to visit. However, today the new ‘Bamboo2 Bar’ is well known all over the Vietnam and very easy to find. English is the main language that is spoken here, even music performance is based on English selection.

The Holiday Beach Club

If you’re looking for awesome place to celebrate your weekends, head to The Holiday Beach Club. It is a new beach club that has been establish beside My Khe Beach. After tiresome day at work, make an arrangement of availing yourself for a drink. This place act as main form of tourist attraction other beach surrounding. If you want a place to dine, swim or relax, the place fit you. Do not also miss the daily performance that start from 6pm to 9pm. feel free to order the cocktails.

Simple Man Pub 

It is just near to the Golden Pine, but its aim to attract a big matured crowd. They offer advance music in style, no forgetting drinks. Cocktails’ are always available. Their friendly staffs offer a welcoming atmosphere to the clients. For the football fun, there is large screen TV to enjoy games all over the world.

Minsk Bar

For the reggae funs, here is the best place to enjoy your favorites. This bar is located at this place known as An Thuong. Minsk is among the most known and famous both locally and nationally. It is great place to enjoy and relax as you drink beers. The beach is also available for football players.

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