Nha Trang – the paradise in Vietnam

Would you wish to go away for a while to a destination that will blow your mind? Well, welcome to the coastal town of Nha Trang which is geographically situated on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. In addition, the city hosts a buzz of activities which attracts both local as well as international tourists. Apart from fun things to do and places to visit, Nha Trang is proud of some of the world’s delicious cuisines that are mouthwatering from the aroma to the taste. To start you off to a tour of a lifetime in Nha Trang, here is an elaborate account of what to expect.

Relaxing on the beach

The Nha Trang bay earns a decent reputation as one of the most beautiful beaches to behold in the world. Pursuing this further, the bay provides a natural sandy beach along the coast of the East Sea. The beach harbors an array of top class hotels that meet the required international standards in terms of technology as well as services provided. Some of the beaches in the region include Tran Phu and Hon Chong. The setting provides a lucrative nightlife that thrives in such a way that one can mistake it for day light. Palm trees along the beach guarantees a calm breeze as a result making it a destination many would like to explore.

Taking a mud bath


Sounds cynical, right? The mud baths exhibit beneficial characteristics that leave you relaxed and at peace with the world. Additionally, Vietnam is endowed with springs which again in combination with the mud baths provide an experience worth your time. It’s a process that entails going through four stages which you will be taken through by an instructor.  Natural mud baths are a popular phenomenon among the locals of Vietnam and an activity that any tourist would be thrilled to have a go at. There are communal and private mud baths each with different pricing. Thap Ba mud spa is one of the popular joints in the city as far as mud bathing is concerned.

Ba Ho Waterfall

This site provides one of the perfect getaway areas with flourishing natural habitat that is magnificent to behold. There are loads of activities that can be carried out in this location which include hiking, a picnic as well as fishing. Hiking provides an opportunity for an adventure into the unknown which is a wonderful experience to partake in. Fishing provides a social interaction with the natives as a result exchanging ideas and cultural aspects. The areas provide a serene environment which promotes a sense of calmness. Furthermore, it’s secure and the natives are very friendly and ready to lay a helping hand whenever encountered.


Lastly, Nha Trang is proud to be home to a number of museums. They include Alexandre Yersin Museum and National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam. The two are a hub of interesting history of the people of Vietnam and Nha Trang as a whole. The city is also proud of its own artists whose works are top notch and appealing to the eye. These pieces of art will paint a clear picture in your mind of the cultural aspects that the Vietnamese cherish and hold sacred. Vietnam travel experience is one of a kind that you should consider to encounter.

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