Amazing Sports Found in Nha Trang

There are many activities that travellers can enjoy during their holiday. The first thing one can do is rush down to the beach on arrival in Nha Trang. It is a fast- growing tourist destination where it hosts a stretch of amazing coastline where one can enjoy activities such as island-hopping, scuba diving swimming and sailing.  It is home to tranquil fishing villages, desert rainforests and natural springs. Most of these activities are easily accessible on foot or even a bicycle.

Famous activities included in Nha Trang Sports

Like many tourists in the world, it is always one wish to get the most amazing experiences which are supposed to be one’s choice. Let’s look at some of the most exciting activities one can engage in as you tour Vietnam.

Scuba diving

It is one of the must-do activity in Nha Trang.  If you are excited by colourful sea creatures and coral reefs, this is the place to be. The weather is favourable throughout the year, the recommended times to scuba dive is between the months of April and August. This is because in the East Sea the mean temperatures range between 28 degrees Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. Most of these scuba diving activities in Nha Trang takes place within the Hon Mun Marine Protected Area which takes roughly 40 minutes using a boat from Cau Da Port. Due to its watery depths, you can easily see a wide variety of small colourful tropical fish as well as amazing coral reefs. Since it is known by many people, it is usually crowded during peak diving seasons.

Touring using a bicycle

This is one of the most fun and healthy way of touring the Nha Trang countryside. It is also very cheap hence can be affordable for everyone. Since the coastal town has plenty of historical sites that are close together, then cycling becomes the most familiar way to tour around the town. This both applicable for the locals and the travellers. You can also chat with the friendly people around the area as you learn more about their daily activities. The final destination before going back to Nha Trang, you can stop at is Ba Ho Waterfalls, where you can take part in hiking as well as swimming. There are many bicycle operators in Nha Trang, although the most popular one is Vietnam Active which provides a quite number of fun activities such as rafting just to name a few.

Island Hopping around Nha Trang

Island hopping tours give you a chance of having live entertainment and fun-filled activities with other tourists. This is made possible due to the Nha Trang calm waters throughout the year, and also there are several tours operators that offer boat cruises services. You can also be in a position of seeing Nha Trang colourful coral reefs through the boat glass flooring.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

It was established in Hon Tam Island in 2010. The new centre for hot air balloon rides now operates in Pham Van Dong Street. It is designed in a way such that it has solid handrails and protective net to give so that you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city. This will also give you those hard to get aerial photographs of the bay and the sea beyond.

In conclusion, it is good to remember that you should always be as relaxed as possible at the beginning of any activity. The paradise of water activities should give you a desire so that you choose Vietnam for your holiday.

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