About Mui Ne Sports Hotel In Mui Ne

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia with rapid modernization of urban cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. The country attracts travelers all over the globe due to its bustling cities, lush mountains and golden sand dunes beaches. The beaches have made travelling enjoyable to Vietnam, the beaches include; Forgotten Land Sculpture Beach, Mui Ne Beach, Sea Link City Beach, Wine Castle and availability of Hotels such as Mui Ne Sports Hotel and many others in its sea shores. Also Vietnam’s   hot and dry climate between January and August makes it ideal for travelling with Mui Ne Sports Hotel as the classic hotel in the city for final destination.

Mui Ne Sports Hotel

A travelling tourist destination hotel located in the heart of Muine beach (East Ham Tien Beach Viet man), with your stay at Mui Ne Sports Hotel, Phan Thiet, you will just take 15minutes drive from Mui Ne Sand Dunes and Mui Ne Beach ,15km from Phan Thiet Beach and 100m from Tien Ham market. The hotel is surrounded by a wonderful green environment with nice air sea breeze and coconut trees.  It is just 50m from the sea and it is the most beautiful Sports Hotel in the Middle of Rang Village. The hotel is connected to the most convenient and most preferred Airport, the Ho Chi Minh also known as SGN Tan Son Nhat International airport which is only 128 miles. Mui Ne Sports Hotel is actually your best second home. While on your bed, at your comfort, you will just need to open your eyes and just watch as the sun rise early in the mornings and sun set in late evenings. Travelling to Mui Ne Sports has been accelerated by the following factors:

Rooms and Free Internet

The hotel has 20 extreme clean spacious and air-conditioning rooms minibars which are ranging from 20-40 square meters, one room can accommodate more than 10 people depending with your taste and prefences. All rooms are well equipped with required modern amenities and facilities and also decorated with lovable architecture mostly in East Vietnam Sea culture. The rooms have hot and cold showers with clean waters and complimentary toilets with beds having large mosquito nets and the widows can be opened 24 hours if you would like to receive the nice cold sea breezes and water moving sounds. Free strong complimentary Wi-Fi in the hotel and its surrounding keeps you connected at your comfort. Entertainment in the rooms is made easy by the availability of data and cable programming, this is made funnier by the rooms having two 44 DSTV inches screens subscribed to all entertainments which allows you to choose your preferred watching direction. We also have a Sony PlayStation 8 and satellite TV in all bathrooms and rooms, you can choose to use the laptops in your room

Dining and Cheap Accommodation Fee

At the restaurant, you will enjoy a free strong breakfast if you have paid for the other services, you will have an enjoyable meal of classic quality and chose the best drink at the lounge. Rollaway bed fee is only VND 210000.0 per night and breakfast fee VND 70000 per person exclusive of tax You will also take the advantage of the hotel services in hours where the Hotel management will give free limited hours. Convenience   services are provided on daily basis. Costumers are able to have an enquiry Services while at their comfort bed through the telephone connected in their rooms

Parking, Security and Luggage Storage

Mui Ne Sports Hotel has enough free self-parking   where you have your own car parked and you will be given an electronic key to open the locked security machine to give you an access to your car. The hotel’s experts team in information Technology provides monitoring security on who is entering in the hotel. Tourist’s luggage is left in store under high quality installed CCTV’s cameras connected with complimentary wireless internet, Other Amenities Are Laundry services, the hotel is equipped with quality machines and super pass detergents for cleaning. The service is provided for free in the rooms.  You will enjoy unlimited swimming outdoor that is free day and night. Pool tables are plenty in the outdoor entertainment section. Our customers enjoy free pool table training from our staff. Travel to Vietnam. Enjoy the world of Comfort

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