Restaurants in Mui Ne

When you think of Vietnam travel, the first place that’ll cross your mind is the Mui Ne restaurants. Mui Ne is South Vietnam’s most famous beach and restaurant destinations for both foreigners and locals alike.

It has eye-catching pristine beaches, the sand is quite smooth and has some of the most luxurious amenities. In Vietnam, its distinctive foods and culture are well known. When you make a Vietnam travel, be sure to visit Mui Ne and try some of the locally produced food in this beautiful coastal city.

There are many restaurants in Mui Ne. Not only do they offer fresh seafood from the East Sea and authentic specialties in the region, but also regular fare from all over the world.

The food is not limited to seafood. The restaurants offer diverse foods and beverages in their menu. The luxurious restaurants and hotels serve American, Asian, Italian and French dishes. The following lists are those that are well known for their uniqueness in their exceptional experience and appealing food.

So, which are these restaurants found in Mui Ne?

1. Sandals Restaurant

Sandals is one of the best restaurants in Mui Ne. Located at Mia resort, it provides an all-day dining venue. It provides a tranquil seaside setting featuring an array of delicious Western and Asian dishes. In the day, it offers quick lunches and romantic dinners in the night. The stand out dishes is lamb shank, chocolate brownies, and cheese platter.

It provides a great choice of drinks such as wine by the glass, cocktails, craft beers, smoothies, and fruit juices too. If you happen to go for a Vietnam visit, Sandals restaurant will provide you with an exceptional experience in itself. Your taste buds will get dazzled by your stay.

2. Breeze Restaurant and Bar

Located in Mui Ne hills resort, it offers an expansive view of Mui Ne Bay and palm trees. It provides a vegetarian-friendly diet, drinks, breakfast lunches and dinners from 7 AM to 10 pm.

However, you can have drinks and an excellent selection of cocktails later. As you have a nice range of Vietnamese and Western foods, you’ll have a smooth chilled out background music.

3. Dong Vui Food Court

Dong Vui is a new brilliant concept. It’s an open-air food court with many cook stations offering some delicacies from paella to Punjabi cuisine, Thai curries, German sausages, and many Vietnamese options.

Whatever you fancy, grab your seat and make your order.

4. Good Morning Vietnam

It’s a favorite restaurant in Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, manages and owned by Italians. It has numerous branches all over Vietnam.

However, the name is quite misleading. They are only operational from midday, for only lunch and dinner. As a diner, you get to enjoy 20 different thin crust pizzas as well as pasta, salads, homemade Italian mains and desserts.

They’ve got amazingly friendly English speaking staff that will offer suggestions to the dishes on offer that suits your preference. If you find yourself without transport in Mui Ne, they’ll be glad to provide transportation services.

5. Rung Forest Restaurant

Being one of the oldest restaurants in Mui Ne, it provides exceptional locally made foods. You’ll find the best local noodles and some of the freshest seafood. As you enjoy their exquisite delicacies, you’ll be entertained by live music into the night at Rung Forest Restaurant.

Are you planning to go for a Vietnam travel? Be sure visit these Mui Ne restaurants for a safe and sound journey.

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