Amazing Landscapes in Vietnam

Are you planning to visit Vietnam soon? If yes that is the best travel decision you can ever make. Vietnam nation has numerous tourists’ attractions that will make your trip memorable.  These tourists’ attractions include the beaches, fauna and flora, the people and their culture. The country has put in measures to support the tourism industry. It is therefore very easy to move from one tourist center to another and in a safe way. The only limitation to exploring the beautiful Vietnamese landscape is yourself. It easy to navigate one landscape to another either using the traveller buses, train, riding among others.

Here are the amazing landscapes in Vietnam for you to visit

1. Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is among the best that Vietnam has to offer for tourists’ destination. The beautiful delta spreads over 1500 meters square of land. You will find the delta by visiting southern Vietnam. Mekong Delta is located at the entry of the Mekong river as it enters the sea of south China. The river contributes a lot to the fertility of the nearby land and is resourceful to the Vietnamese farmers. You will see the rest of the Mekong river surrounding by taking boat rides. During the waters, one will have a beautiful view of the old temples, floating markets, Vietnamese handicrafts and fish rearing.

2. Mui Ne

Mui Ne landscape has the beauty of sand dune at your disposal. You will find the red and white sand dunes by visiting Mui Ne. The sand dunes are quite a record breaker. That is because no one expects such features in a tropical rainforest surrounding. It’s advisable to visit the sand dunes during the morning and evening hours for the best experience. Taking some selfies during the occasion is great with the beautiful red sand dunes in the background. You will have fun with the sand dunes by simply running around, sledging and even jumping.

3. Sapa

Rice plantations found in the Sapa region are the major tourist attractions. They provide an amazing view of the rest of the landscape which is also a displays the locals’ way of life. Hmong tribe were the creators of the rice terraces which still hold up to date. Trekking along the rice terraces is a popular practice for tourists visiting Sapa countryside. The location of the Sapa region neighbors the Fansipan Mountain which is the highest in the region.

4. Phu Quoc Island

The popular features found in the natural Island of Phu Quoc include pepper farms, red soil ground display, and a national park with green vegetation and wild animals. The Islands stand in isolation and harbor Vietnams’ natural artifacts. You will view the gorgeous display of the sunset while lying at the beach in this Island. Besides the beaches, the region has an amazing display of the sandstones made peak attractive for your eyes.

5. Nha Trang

You will engage in diving and snorkeling when visiting the Nha Trang region. This offshore Island is a perfect place to enjoy water sports and other enjoyable beach activities. That is because Nha Trang has the largest display of the beautiful Vietnam beaches. Cruising the boats at both day and night as well as late night parties characterize the life experiences here.

Vietnam has a million reasons to make your vacation a worth one, journey the above beautiful landscape in Vietnam and you will find a million reasons to still visit.