Can a Felon Travel To Vietnam?

Of course felons desire to travel to Vietnam just like the next person would wish. However, felons understand that it is simpler to travel to Vietnam before conviction that traveling after felony conviction. So, can a felon travel to Vietnam? It is important to address this question to avoid so many speculation concerning the fate of felons as far as visiting Vietnam is concerned. Below are some of the conditions that felons must undergo before they are cleared to travel to Vietnam.

Processes to follow for a felon to travel to Vietnam

First and foremost, upon their release, felons undergo a certain period of travel restrictions. A felon must complete his/her term of sentence and also the exhaust the probation period. During the probation period, a felon is not allowed to leave the resident district without the permission of the probation officer. So in essence, the condition of leaving the district of residence stands until a felon exhaust the entire probation period. Once probation period is entirely satisfied, it becomes possible for a felon to travel outside the borders of the U.S. So after this probation, a felon regains his/her eligibility to obtain a passport. However, all the processes of obtaining a passport must be supervised by the federal government allowing international travel.

Circumstances why a felon can be denied travel to Vietnam

On the flip side, a felon can be denied a traveling passport by the US if the crime was treason against U.S, child trafficking or drug trafficking. Similarly, if a person has pending legal charges, a passport can be denied as it will be interpreted as an attempt to escape facing justice, thus making it a federal crime.

Why would a felon want to travel to Vietnam?

From the answer above on the question can a Felon travel to Vietnam? a felon can either be allowed to travel to Vietnam or also can be denied the same. But another question comes, why would a felon want to travel to Vietnam? Well, even if a felon may have been convicted, he/she might have interest to travel to Vietnam just like any other foreigner. As long as a felon has exhausted all requirements and satisfied the resident country that all processes have been duly followed, Vietnam has no obligation to deny anybody a chance to visit. In fact, there are many compelling reasons to visit Vietnam whether a felon or not. Starting from the fascinating landscaping, historical French architects, beautiful sceneries including mountains and beaches are enough reasons to compel anyone to visit Vietnam. In spite of unfortunate history of wars, Vietnamese are very happy, welcoming and friendly people. Vietnam has rich culture that everyone would enjoy and explore.

Families of felons can encourage them to visit Vietnam for a new sense of relaxation and peace of mind after a stressful life in prison. In fact, many felons are encouraged to take a holiday off to foreign countries like Vietnam to help the rub all the bad memories of being labeled a felon. Such trip can also trigger that to change their mindset from crime to better people in the society.

In a nutshell, a felon is also a human being and after being subjected to punishment for their crimes, they are free to make choices of visiting other parts of the world just like any other person. So, a felon can also visit the great country of Vietnam.