5 Fun things you can do in Vietnam 2019

When it comes to variety, Vietnam is unbeatable. The country gets blessed with a captivating landscape, historical monuments, friendly people, breathtaking beaches, excellent culinary skills, and a rich culture. There is always something for everyone and rest assured that you will experience ultimate fun. However, you have to keep in mind that adventures don’t call, you have to go and look for it. Here is a list of super fun things you can do during your Vietnam travel.

1. Experience the village lifestyle in Sapa

You will get to meet the Hmong village people who are friendly and accommodating. You can also enjoy the native Hmong-style cuisine at the Hill Station Signature restaurant which has reasonable prices and fantastic hospitality. Their menu is vast as you can eat back pudding, tofu, spring rolls, or the indigenous Hmong pork confit. The Cat Cat village is also an ideal place to take pictures and even watch their traditional performances.

2. Explore the Bac Ha market

On Sundays, the locals come down to the Bac Ha market, one of the most colorful markets in Vietnam. The market is lively with brilliant colors.

What exactly happens at the Bac Ha market?

The minority groups such as the La Chi, Black Dao, Red Hmong, Tay, Nung, among others come to sell their goods, smoke, drink, chat, get a haircut and eat. You will see them dressed in beautiful traditional clothes. Here is a list of what they sell.

  • Tourist souvenirs
  • Handmade brooms
  • Tobacco
  • A pig, buffalo, or pet
  • Yummy dishes, and
  • Beautiful clothes

You can explore the entire market as you showcase your trading skills while chatting away with the locals.

Tip: The market opens at around 7:30 am and closes mid-afternoon. Therefore, it’s advisable to get there early.

3. The smooth, super creamy, heavenly egg coffee in Hanoi is a must-try

You must have heard about the Vietnam coffee if you are genuinely a coffee lover. This delicious drink gets prepared with egg yolk, robusta, sugar, and condensed milk. Rest assured that you will enjoy it to the last drop!

4. A motorbike ride is fun.

Majority of the people in Vietnam own motorcycles and cars get seen as a luxury mostly owned by the rich due to the high tax applied by the government. With most of the Vietnam streets being narrow, you can opt for a motorcycle ride which is fast and reliable during heavy traffic. To enjoy the real Vietnam, get yourself a motorbike or a scooter, trust your driving skills and explore the country.

5. Explore the captivating Hoang Lien Son Mountains

Your Vietnam travel can never get complete until you enjoy the peacefulness of this breathtaking landscape. The mountains are an eastern extension of the Himalayas. Just at its feet, you will find various minority groups like the Tay, Hmong, and the Dzao among others.  Inside the mountain areas, there is a National Park (Hoang Lien) which is famous for its all-year-round colorful Rhododendron flowers. High in the mountains, there is a town with impressive terraces with a minority ethnic community as its occupants.

You have now seen some of the best destinations in Vietnam. Whichever place you choose to visit, rest assured that you will get to experience the ultimate you have always wished. Life is short, and the universe is vast, so wherever you go, go with your heart.

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