5 Best Ha Long Bay Tours

Ha Long Bay is a region located in the Northern part of Vietnam known for its iconic natural and spectacular beauty. The area got listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Natural Organization (UNESCO) as a great tourist attraction center for the whole world. If you are looking for a place to spend your holiday, Ha Long Bay is the best place to visit. The region hosts a spectacular group of islands and natural caves among other physical features that will make you live to remember the trip at Ha Long Bay.

A new visitor in the region will have to choose the Vietnam travel time, the mode of transport, the islands to visit and other fine details concerning their trip at Ha Long Bay. Tourists mostly enjoy traveling during the night as it provides an appropriate time to watch the moon and the stars at night while simultaneously enjoying a night ride across the sea.

Ha Long Bay gives an appropriate moment for everyone to enjoy the serene beauty of the islands and natural endowments irrespective of your travel schedule and mode of travel used. One of the most defining factors on your trip will be the budget you have allocated for your trip. You can choose to travel by day or by night. If you love adventure, you can arrange for flights to experience a breathtaking experience and have a good view of the mountains. Some of the excellent five Ha Long Bay tours include:

  • Ha Long Bay full day boat cruise
  • Seaplane flight over Ha Long Bay
  • 2Days and one-night boat cruise
  • Small group for one day cruise
  • Private cruise for a full day tour

1. Ha Long Bay Full day boat cruise

You will start your journey from Hanoi and navigate through the shores of Ha Long Bay. You will enjoy watching the spectacular islands with green vegetation covering their top surfaces. You will also enjoy the sun as you maneuver with the boat through the limestone karst found in the region.

You will enjoy taking seafood and take time to drive through the towns and meeting some local people. You will get time to explore the beauty of the region and take a swim if necessary before you return to Hanoi to schedule for tomorrow.

2. Seaplane flight

Your Vietnam travel in this region will begin at Tuan Chau Island Marina. Board the plane and enjoy watching breathtaking landscape made of the towering limestone karst and forests growing on top of rocks. You will have the chance to fly and with the help of the pilot recognize the different islands and lagoons.

3. Two Days and One Night boat cruise

The two-day trip will allow you to experience the Vietnam culture. You will enjoy delicious meals from the locals and have a chance to have fun through sport-fishing. You will pass by Sung Sot Cave and conduct activities such as Tai Chi and cooking demonstrations. You can choose to buy some drinks to quench your thirst during the journey.

4. Small Group for one day cruise

If you enjoy traveling in a group, then this mode will be perfect for you. A professional tour operator will guide your traveling groups. You will get directed at Hong Ngoc Humanity Center where you will get to learn on the history of the country. On your arrival at Ha Long Bay marine, you will get directed through the spectacular fishing grounds and observe the shiny limestone rocks rising above the blue waters. Make a stop at a fishing village and learn the culture of the fishermen as you enjoy the delicious foods of the locals.

5. Private cruise for a whole day

The programme will involve a customized service that meets your needs. You will get a chance to swim and do some kayaking provided that the weather gets favorable. You will enjoy a variety of seafood and enjoy watching a beautiful landscape at Ha Long Bay.

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