What to Do in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi being the capital city of Vietnam is a busy town and has a mix of a culture consisting of both the locals and tourists. Historical, Vietnam was invaded by different colonial powers which include the Russians, French and Chinese. There are a number of enjoyable activities to engage in while visiting Hanoi which includes cruising, fun-filled nightlife, site seeing, swimming and many others. It all depends on you deciding on what activities you will want to engage that give the most fulfilment. The landscape is very beautiful to sight see and marvel at the different scenic features you find in the region.

1. Wander in Hanoi city

The best way to know a place is by talking a walk going through the street and any passable through ways for people. The picture and the features of Hanoi city will be clear. You will also discover stores where you may buy the things you may be missing. It is through walking that you will get to identify the hotels and restaurants to feed your starving stomach. If you find it unease walking on your own, you may opt to hire the services of walking tour guides.

2. Visit the ancient houses

The town of Hanoi has a mixture of old architectural designs due to the different types of invaders who came in the country according to history. The Vietnamese ancient house was one of the original architectural innovation by Vietnam’s local population. The ancient cathedral of Saint Joseph is a mix of western influence and Vietnam architecture. It will be intriguing for you to visit these ancient building and hear more about their interesting histories.

3. Trekking at Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem lake is a legendary heritage to the Vietnamese people identified by the name, the Lake of the restored sword. It was believed that an earlier emperor by the name Ly Thai To had a sword magical powers that he used to drive the Chinese away. The sword was later taken away by a turtle from the lake to return it to the gods after the war was over. And that was the reason why the locals named Hoi Kiem lake as ‘the Lake of the restored sword’

4. Visiting the local museum

Hanoi has several museums that provide excellent touring experiences for all its visitors and you shouldn’t miss the experience. Among the popular museum to consider visiting is the women museum. The museum is centered on the theme of appreciating women and the role they play in the Vietnam society. It is also a way to encourage the rest of the Vietnamese women to work beyond the challenges they encounter. Some of these experiences include motherhood challenges, lifestyles changes and education among others.

Visiting the city of Hanoi will give you the real feel of the live hoods of the locals and even the visitors. Being the capital of Vietnam, the town not only has blends of the old and new structure but also the people and culture.