What to Do in Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang city is popular and among the most beautiful places to visit while in Vietnam. It has a lot of exciting and fun things which will make your trip worth full. During your trip at Da Nang, you will get to interact with the local people who are very friendly, attractive natural landscapes and trekking. Extending your trip deeper beyond the urban setting into the villages will enable you to get a glimpse of rural people and the activities they do for a livelihood. You can hire a motor ride for easy and fast movements into the country.

1. Sightseeing the marble mountain

Marble mountains are a combination of 5 mountain peaks representing the 5 earth elements which include earth, fire, water, metal and wood. Within the mountains are several caves and temples for the ancient dynasties. All these including the surrounding green vegetation cover brings out the beauty of Da Nang which you shouldn’t miss.

2. Trekking and hiking at Ba Na hills

Trekking is not only awesome for your eyes but for your muscle too as you will get to exercise. Ba Na hills resort is the perfect environment for trekking as you sightsee its beautiful surroundings including the mountain ranges. While at the resort, you will get a clear view of Da Nang town, the rice plantations and rest of the surrounding environs.

3. Visiting the Cham Sculpture Museum

Cham sculpture museum is the biggest museum in Vietnam for exhibition. It was constructed by the French powers during their Vietnam invasion. The Cham museum identifies, collects and preserves the sculptural remains of the Cham community. At present, the museum has a total of 500 samples preserved. Samples of sculptures preserved include sandstones statues, colourful plaques and terracotta. Visiting the museum will give you a real feel in the history of the Cham kingdom

4. Swimming at the beaches

Swimming at Da Nang region is an activity that you can’t ignore because of the widespread beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches to visit in the Da Nang region is the distinct Non Nuoc beach. That is because this beach has a gorgeous display of the pink sand where you can sunbath as you swim in the afternoon. Besides swimming, you can feed your stomach to satisfaction from the seafood from the nearby restaurants. You can also visit the marble mountains located just close by and perhaps a cruise along CổCò river.

5. Wandering around the architectural bridges

Da Nang has numerous architectural bridges which give pride to its people. Visiting the rotating bridge at Han River will leave you marveling the impressive architectural work by the locals. The bridge is made with the ability to make a rotation of 90 degrees creating a pass-through way for the large ships. Another bridge to visit while in Da Nang will be the dragon bridge. It’s important to note that these bridges have a regulated opening and closing time. Visiting during both times will give you a nice experience.

Da Nang city has a lot of tourists’ activities to keep you engaged during your tour. There’s no room for boredom if you choose to visit the region.