What to Do in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest in Vietnam and therefore full of activities that will spoil you during your Vietnam travel. Before gaining its present name Ho Chi Minh city was previously known as Saigon. Being a big city there’s a lot to participate in while touring which include swimming, sightseeing, cruising and trekking among other fun activities. Once in the city, as long as you do not limit yourself a lot of fun and enjoyments awaits you. Moving around the city is fast and easy using widespread motorists and taxis. Simply hope into one and let the fun begin.

1. Wandering through the tunnels

Visiting the tunnels of Cu Chi found in Ho Chi Minh regions is a thrilling experience that you shouldn’t dare to miss. Wandering through the tunnels which interconnections in the ground below are an adrenaline exciting activity. The tunnels were used as the central ground by Vietcong guerillas during attacks from the enemies.  Opting for the services of AA our guide will give you a livelier experience of the tunnels.

3. Visiting the museum

Would you like to view how ancient Vietnam evolved to its present state? Good, you only need to visit the Museum that is located near the market of Ben Thanh will be ideal. You will not only view some of the old evolutions of Vietnamese culture but also the most present ones. Among the items to view at the museum include weapons, artworks, paintings and other sculptures. Visiting the museum will help you appreciate the long journey Vietnam country has travelled to its present state.

4. Daring Vietnamese meals

Vietnamese traditional meals are amazingly delicious and you wouldn’t know that unless you taste them. Order for a complete meal in the restaurant which is in plentiful supply in the town of Ho Chi Minh. Among the meals to try out are the deeply fired snake, fertilized duck eggs and wine from the fermented scorpion.

5. River cruising

Cruising the waters of river Saigon is very fun and interesting especially in accompany of friends. You will be able to watch the beautiful sunset while carefully sipping you locally brewed wine as you cruise deeper in the waters. Nothing beats such a relaxing experience and Ho Chi Minh can’t seem to stop spoiling you with such.

6. Engaging in Vietnam’s nightlife

Nightlife in the city of Ho Chi Minh is another exciting experience. There are a widespread bar and clubs fit for different classes of people. Be ready to spend and make the nights memorable by drinking at the city’s clubs with the locals. Such an experience will make you feel at home since you will be mingling with both locals and other tourists. Some of the bars go as far hosting a live performance from both local and international artists making the experienced even more refined.

Mo Chi Minh is an exciting city to visit and above is just but some evidence that you need. It has a lot of activities at your disposal. Go ahead and visit to make this experience a reality.