What should I know before travelling to Vietnam?

Vietnam travel is fascinating and you will love it only if you prepare and plan in advance before your travel. Preparations imply having everything you need for the trip in place and done with any prior bookings. Doing adequate preparations and having a trip plan will help you to have the most rewarding Vietnam travel experience. That is because you will not have to deal with issues to do boarding delays due to having the wrong documents and others. While there do not raise your expectations so much but rather accept challenges that come on your way by being flexible.

Here are the things that you should know before travelling to Vietnam.

1. Travel documents

Having your all your travel documents in place in very crucial for a stay in Vietnam without worries especially if it’s your first time. You can get your visa approval papers online and ensure to carry them with you during the trip. Have some clear photos of you, passport and money changed to EUR or USD. Having all the above details in place makes your navigation within Vietnam an easy one and fun.

2. Be wary of the weather

It’s important to prepare well for any sudden changes in weather from being too hot to heavy rains. As much as the seasons in Vietnam are well defined, that does not stop Mother Nature from pulling in surprises. To ensure to keep it cool in either weather surprises, carry versatile outfits. Among the thing to carry for the weather uncertainties include sunscreen, waterproof shoes, heavy jacket and mosquito repellent among others.

Marketplaces in Vietnam also do have plenty of the above supplies just in case you forget any.

3. Eat with caution

Vietnam food and fruit can be very appealing for the eye and one will face the temptation to try almost everything. There’s actually nothing wrong with that, only that you will need to be cautious. You may not tell the cleanliness level of the mouth watering grapes in the street. That is especially when you are dealing with foods from the local street vendors. To counter such experience, it will be prudent to wash the fruits yourself before eating or requesting the same from the vendors. Also be cautious of the water you drink as it may make you sick if it’s not clean.

4. Have a realistic travel itinerary

Form the sound of Vietnam looks like a small place to cover within a short period of time but may not be the actual case. Carry out proper research regarding the distances between places so that you don’t get caught up with time. Use google maps to help you easily navigate through your destinations for accuracy.

5. You will least you credit card

Most businesses in Vietnam prefer cash and there your credit card will not be of so much help. Having money as cash in hand will help you enjoy the services in Vietnam with easy. This is because Vietnam is mostly a cash moving economy.

Having known the details above will help you have an easy journey to Vietnam. For an instant having cash at hand makes it easy to purchase whatever item you require. Your travel documents will serve as your identification thus easier for you.

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