Tam Coc – Ninh Binh’s magic between the rice fields

Tam Coc is a river flowing between the rice fields and it has been surrounded by cliffs of limestone. Tam Coc is recognition of being one of UNESCO’s world heritage. It is found in the province of Ninh Binh and has a lot of beautiful things to offer tourists and travelers. Among the things to do while at Tam Coc include boat riding, cycling, and visiting the caves among others. Once you have all the permission documents with you, feel free to move and get to sightsee the beautiful Tam Coc area for:

Boat riding

Board riding is one of the most exciting activities to do while in Tam Coc, because you get to have a view of the beautiful features found in the area. You will view the eye-catching rice fields and the mystery magical peaks. You will feel and breath fresh and natural air which is the beauty of it all. A boat ride along the river usually takes about 2 hours where you will pass through the Hang Giua, Hang Cuio and the Hang Ca caves.

Village cycling

Most villages found in Tam Coc are rice farmers. Engaging in around the village cycling will allow you to see how some activities such as rice harvesting depending on the time of visit. You rent a cycling bicycle at very low rates of about fifty Vietnam dollars for a day. You may also visit some of the local houses to experience the way of life for the countryside people. You will notice a very big difference between the lifestyle of Vietnamese in Hanoi and those in Tam Coc rural settings.

Sunny Valley

Sunny Valley has the most articulate view of the rice plantation in Thung Nang which is area found in Ninh Binh. If you want to have an experience of the rice harvesting, then its best to visit during the month of May and June. Depending on the time of your visit to the region, you can access the sunny valley using a boat or motorcycle.

The old capital in Hoa Lu

The popular tourists’ centers at the Hoa Lu old capital are Pagodas, caves and the tomb of the king. The region has mountains surrounding it and was historically used by the old rulers for protection during attacks. That is the reason why it was later named to be the Hao Lu capital. The area hosts a number of festivals during the months of April which include folk games and selling items.

Mua Cave

Mua cave which is found at the mountain bottom provides the most beautiful view of Tam Coc tourists’ site. The route to the cave has stare case with dragon signs decorations. That is a symbolic sign for old dynasty in Vietnam. You will require to make some entry fee payments before accessing the cave.

You will take 2 hours from the capital of Hanoi to reach Tam Coc on a road drive. An alternative means would be taking a bus from the Halong Bay to NinhBinh through the Cat Ba Island. From the Island, it will take you 3 hours’ road trip to your destination.

There’s so much to do while in Tam Coc river and its environments than you can ever imagine. Get your travel details right and go ahead; make Tam Coc your favorite site in Vietnam.