Stay on Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Cat Ba Island is an amazing place to stop by and just relax after a long day of trekking through the congestion in Hanoi. There are lots of activities to participate in while on the Island with a minimal budget to work with. The Island has an interesting history, welcoming local people, beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. Historical the Island used to be a hiding spot during war time and a hospital to nurse people with wounds from the war. The caves found here are the ones which the locals were using as hideouts.

About Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a beautiful and mysterious evolution by Mother Nature digging back in the history of its creation. The bay is popularly known to contain features such as isolated beaches, caves and lakes. The bay is believed to have come from dragons spitting jade and jewelry. These two artifacts become the Islands and Islets to later form a protective wall protecting the locals from the enemy.

Touring Halong Bay from Cat Ba Island on a low budget

The trip to Halong Bay is cheap when you choose to use a boat from Cat Bay Island. The journey is exciting since you get to sightsee other natural eye-catching features. Among the features to see on your way to Halong are limestone Islands and Lan Ha Bay. The activities to do at the Halong bay include snorkeling, swimming in the isolated beaches, kayaking and enjoying some delicious seafood. You can also opt to hire the services of a local to guide at a cost, not more than 25$.

Where do you find accommodation in Cat Ba Island?

Cat Bat Island has relatively cheap accommodation and you can stay for the night at a cost of 6$. The region attracts a lot of tourists and therefore has a lot of hotels and resorts to accommodate the tourists visiting.

Apart from the hotels, Cat Ba Island also has cheap hostels that offer long term and short stay. Most of the hostel owners are generous Vietnamese families who rent them as a means to earn a living. Despite that, the owners have maintained high levels of hygiene and class to the satisfaction of the majority of visitors who come by.

Examples of hostels that provide cheap accommodation include:

Ali baba’s hostel

Ali babas hostel has several rooms including double one’s going at a cost of 7$ per night

ManhVuong hostel

The hostel has double room facilities costing 9$ per night

Cat Ba hostel

Cat Ba hostel is suitable to host large groups of travelers who do not mind sharing. It has dorms that do not cost more than 3$.

Cat Ba Island resort & spa

The resort offers high-class accommodation with a lot of comforts and exemplary hospitality treat. The cost for spending at the resort as high than the charges at the hostels.

Travelling to Vietnam and choosing Cat Ba Island has a rewarding experience. You will not only spend less but also get to enjoy the best sceneries that Vietnam has to offer. It’s even great if you are travelling as a large group because accommodation is adequate and cheap.

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