What are some of Vietnam vacation ideas?

What I am going to do in Vietnam? Could you be asking yourself that question? well, no need for anxiety anymore because choosing Vietnam travel is the best choice you would ever make. There is so much to enjoy while visiting Vietnam that includes sand bathing, hiking, and boat riding among others. Just so that you have the timings correct, Feb to April would be an ideal time to make that trip. That is because the rains would have reduced with moderate temperatures for you to engage in a variety of auto activities. An alternative time for visiting would also be the period between August and October.

Below are a number of Vietnam travels vocational ideas that you need to take advantage of during that wonderful trip;

1. Exploring North Vietnam

Some of the scenic places to visit while at the northern part of Vietnam include the town of Hanoi. While there, you will interact with local culture including both the traditional and foreign foods. You will also find it easy to access all kinds of hotels according to your liking and budget. There are a number of rainforests you can visit while in the north but only if you love the wild nature and hiking.

You can also find your way through the countryside and interact will the Saba area which is known to have a lot of rice plantations for the locals. What is even more exciting about it is that you will get the fill of Vietnam’s rural setting while at the Saba county side.

2. Visiting Khai Dinh Tomb

You will find Khai Dinh Tomb in Hue which is another amazing artifact you cannot miss. The tomb is among the renown architectural heritage sites of Vietnam. It contains a mixture of European and Vietnamese designing aspects. For a peek into the history of the tomb, in the 1920’s, Khai Dinh Tomb was custom built by the Emperor as his tomb. Further more into the tomb; there is Thien Dinh which is a historical courtyard and burial place for Khai Dinh the Emperor.

3. Hiking at the marble mountains

You will locate Vietnam’s marble mountains by visiting Da Nang. There, you will experience very low temperatures and walk through many caves found in the mountains. The caves have a historical significance among Vietnam’s locals as they were among the sanctuaries of the Buddhist. You will also find what is believed to be the remains for shrines of the Buddha. During the war in Vietnam, the caves also served as a hospital for those with injuries.

4. Swimming at My Khe Beach

You will find My Khe beach in Da Nang which is quite scenic and beautiful. The blue waters are very appealing and sand bathing will be an activity to enjoy while at the beach. It is very easy to find accommodation nearby because the beach happens to attract many travelers.

5. Boat riding at the Cham Islands

The beautiful Cham Islands are several kilometers away from the Hanoi coast. You can access the Island through hiring a speed boat as you get to sightsee while enjoying the boat ride. Other activities to enjoy while at the Island include snorkeling and bird watching. Spending the night at the Island could be fantastic only that is has restrictions.

Vietnam travel has a lot waiting for you and all you have to do is take a step and make the trip. Enjoy all the above places and many more.

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