Is Vietnam safe for tourists?

It is very exciting to be out there in a new place for the first time as a tourist and Vietnam has all the excitements you are seeking for. Generally, the country especially the tourist department has made efforts to enhance its security systems for safe stay by the tourists. But that doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t be watchful while visiting Vietnam. Safety involves taking personal responsibility as well. Do not get into the wave of touring and forgetting that you have a responsibility to look after yourself and your belongings. It will be sad losing your valuables out of your own carelessness despite bad people being on the loose in Vietnam.

You should practice the following while in Vietnam so as to reduce incidences of insecurities

1. Being friendly by greeting the locals with enthusiasm won’t cost you anything but enhance your safe stay in Vietnam. Just like most cultures in the world, greeting play a role in breaking the ice among people and promoting interactions. Develop a good rapport with the majority of people you meet as it will help you feel at ease around them.

2. Avoid dressing in a manner that indicates disrespect for the locals. That is because most people in Vietnam have a conservative way of dressing. Dressing indecently creates more distance between you and the locals which might be counterproductive when you need them.

3. Make sure to keep safe your travel documents, permits and other belongings. you can opt to leave them in a hotel where you’re staying and ensure to let them beware of it. Only walk with documents that you must produce under any circumstance that require your identification. That will ensure that you do not land into any trouble with the authorities and risk deportation.

4. Always carry a bottle of water with you whenever you are sightseeing. That will help to keep you hydrated any reduce any risks of becoming sick. You can opt to buy from the local vendor who have them in plenty supply. The hot temperature during the day might make you weak since you will be losing a lot of water through sweat.

5. Use the services of a reliable tourist agent when arranging for your travel.

Take time to conduct a thorough research on legit travel agents to engage with as you make your travel arranges. An example of a good source to find information on reliable travel agent in Vietnam is the Thorn Free Forum. On that site, you will find travel ideas from other tourists who are part of the forum.

The above information is not meant to scare you while taking your trip to Vietnam but rather to help you become vigilant. Having your travel documents and place to visit in place isn’t enough for a safe trip. You will need to practice and develop ways to interact with the locals for an easy time. You will also need to be sure of your service provider such as the travel agents to avoid any inconveniences. Prepare well for the high temperature by carrying water around during your trek.

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