Best Beaches near Ho Chi Minh

The evergreen Ho Chi Minh town has a lot of attractions to treat you during your one or two weeks in the gorgeous Vietnam nation. The unique culture of the people, attractive restaurants and social places are on top of the list of hospitality for this region. The town also has the most beautiful white sand spread beaches great for all kinds of outdoor activities.  Even when you feel like being up and active deep in the night Ho Chi Minh town has got you covered. You can visit the numerous spread bars and nightclubs in the town for fun and relaxation.

Below are the best beaches near Ho Chi Minh

Vung Tau

Vung Tau is the closest beach to the town of Ho Chi Minh and has, therefore, a lot of activities and very busy. Tourists flock the beach to swim, play beach games and simply just relax.  Near the beach, there are local vendors preparing delicious Vietnamese meals including seafood. You do not have to worry about becoming hungry or thirsty when there is plenty of food supply. The beach is normally busiest towards the weekends with the local tourists also visiting.

Ho Tram

Ho Tram is famously known to provide trails and camping for tourists. Characterized by the shiny white sand and fresh breeze from the sea makes Ho Tram top on the list of Ho Chi Minh beaches. Here the adventures to engage in are many and they include fishing, swimming, sunbathing and surfing.  You can choose to extend beyond the beach to visit the fishing spot nearer. That is a great way of getting to walk around while exploring the nearby features. You can then get into the nearby resort for a night stay.

Ho Coc beach

Ho Coc beach has a lot to give you during your visit which includes swimming, kayaking, surfing, sunbathing and cruising in the waters. It is important to know the seasonal calendar for perfect timing for such activities. Sometimes however, the waters get aggressive and thus deep swimming is prohibited for safety. Besides the beach activities, you will get to enjoy delicious seafood prepared in the nearby hotels and restaurants. As usual, food has to be accompanied by drinks which you will find in plenty of supply as well.

Doi Duong

Doi Duong beach is the furthest distance wise from the town of Ho Chi Minh. It is therefore, kind of hidden and receives fewer tourists probably due to its distance. However, that doesn’t comprise the scenic beauty and ambience of this beach. The sand is sparkling white, and an attractive display of the sand and the ocean dunes makes it a game changer.

Mui Ne

You will engage in activities such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling and sunbathing by visiting the Mui Ne beach. It has the quietest and cool atmosphere just perfect for a Vietnam weekend travel. In the evening you can watch the sunset with your girlfriend while taking the perfect selfies to carry your memories with you.

The beaches in Mo Chi Minh have every other kind of excitement you looking forward to having during your trip. It is about time you get to experience that excitement as your visit Vietnam in your next holiday.

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