Best Islands in Vietnam

Vietnam nation has great natural and scenic features to entertain any visiting tourist to satisfaction. Among these features are the Islands which top the list of the best tourist scenes in Vietnam. Besides the natural features, Vietnam has a rich history and strongly cultured people that strongly appeal to tourists. For those tourists who have nature at heart then Vietnam Islands will be the best starting point. Vietnam has a generous supply of the natural Island as it upon you to decide which ones fit your expectations. Being new in the country calls for a lot of caution during your travel by ensuring that you have all your travel documents in order.

Phu Quoc Island

Among the beautiful sceneries to view while on this Island are a clear sky, the blue waters, white sand and the palm trees. The air here is fresh and a cool breeze with the quietest environment. All these aspects account for the appealing nature of the Phu Quoc Island which you shouldn’t miss visiting. You may engage in a number of activities on the Island which include swimming, boat riding, diving, and feeding on the seafood among others.

Con Dao Island

Con Dao Island is near the town of Ho Chi Minh and very beautiful with lots of fun activities to visitors. The Island has a natural way of installing a relaxing mood in you upon arrival. The activities to enjoy while on the Island of Con Dao are many. These activities include cruising, trekking and eating Vietnamese local meals. You may also opt to walk and visit the nearby ancient structure to learn about the history of the region.

Nam Du Island

Nam Du Island is a great destination to visit during the dry weather. The atmosphere is silent and breathtaking. The only sound you can hear is of the crickets, singing from the world bird and a cool breeze blowing past the palm tree nearby. To make your stay more exciting, you can hire a motor ride to visit the local areas around. That will get you to the lighthouse which is an attractive scene to sightsee. Do not stay angry as there is a lot of food supply from the restaurants on the Island. Some of them have a luxurious room for accommodation and therefore you shouldn’t get worried about where to sleep

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island is not only a popular tourist destination for visitors but also the locals as well. The Island has the location for the seven (7) most beautiful beaches in Vietnam which further contributes to its popularity. The common activities around the beaches here are swimming and sunbathing. It’s also easy to find food and drinks from the widespread hotels and restaurants close to the beach.

Hang Rai beach

Hang Rai beach is an attractive Island with lots of other sceneries to further enhances its serenity. These sceneries include the sea caves, the coral reefs and mountain ranges. You will enjoy watching the sunset while at the Island as it changes its colours to blend with the sunrays. Your night here will be calm and relaxing as the resorts found here will give you nothing short of the comfort you deserve.

Vietnam is indeed a paradise that you do not need a lot of thinking to discover.

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