Best Beaches Near Hanoi

Hanoi town is very popular as it’s the capital of Vietnam. Hanoi town has a mix of events of both local and foreigner invaders. The people are friendly and attentive to guests and therefore you will have an easy time touring. Hanoi town has a lot of exciting activities for its visitors which include the nightlife, open marketing centre, riding and feasting. That is because the town is versatile and accommodates different kinds of activities from both locals and tourists. You do not need to worry about accommodation facilities while in the town of Hanoi. The city has many hotels, hostels and resorts all to suit different kinds of tourists. The town has also numerous beaches that promote water sporting which you will enjoy during the visit.

Do Son beach in Hai Phong city

Do son beach has 3 sections that are meant to cater for the different needs of the travellers. These sections include the beach entrance, followed by hotels and resorts and finally the nature lovers section. As a tourist, it is upon you to decide to what extent you wish to have fun while visiting Do Son beach. The activities to engage in while at the beach includes swimming, sunbathing and watching the sunset. Food is also in plenty and you need to do is visit the nearby hotels to order for different kinds of meals.

Thinh Long beach in Nam Dinh Province

Thinh Long beach is usually quiet and serene perfect for a getaway for two lovebirds. The weather in romantic and peaceful which promotes stronger bonds among tourists. The beach also acts as an exciting alternative for the noisy and congested city of Hanoi. Thinh Long beach provides you with room to relax and unwind in the afternoon form an active and intense morning.

Tuan Chau beach in Quang Ninh city 

Tuan Chau beach will give you nothing short of your expectations. It is scenic and beautiful with a widespread display of the white sand that easily pulls in the relaxation mood. Beside the beach, there are several luxurious resorts nearby for you to relax after spending a long day at the beach. You can also opt to make an order of the seafood made from the nearby restaurants by the locals. If you like alcohol you can go ahead and order for a drink or two as you anticipate for an active night in the town clubs.

Cat Ba Island in Hai Phong city

Cat Ba Island is an adventures region with beaches and other natural features such as the waterfalls, forests, caves and river streams. All these features will provide you with versatile experiences besides the beach activities. Boat trips are also among the numerous alternative for fun that Hanoi and its environs have to offer.

Bai Chay beach in Quang Ninh city

Bai Chay beach is a manmade beach but you won’t even notice that while visiting, that’s because it appears to be all natural and provides a variety of outdoor activities for fun and enjoyment. Near the beach are several restaurants and resorts to provide meals and accommodation for the visitors.

Despite Hanoi being a busy city, the beaches and surrounding areas will provide you with the best natural interaction with nature than ever thought of before.

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