Are things cheap in Vietnam?

A reliable answer for that will depend on your trip expectations. That includes the accommodation standard, the kind of food you prefer and your transport means. That is because Vietnam city has a different standard for your requirements and it all depends on your budget. Like the rest of the world economies, Vietnam’s economy is also picking the pace and becoming somewhat expensive. But that does not mean that you will find those expenditures that will perfectly fit in your budget. Some of the cheap things to find in Vietnam include electronics, artwork, cloth and food and more as covered below:


You will find the cost of some electronics such as the curling irons, smartphones and electrical shavers among others to be relatively cheap. That is in comparison to the nearby countries and even the global cost. But moving to more advanced electronics the price tend to take the same cost as the one in the world markets. In Vietnam, the prices of high-end commodities remain the same as the global costing without much fluctuation irrespective of its income imbalances.


Depending on what would like to have, food in Vietnam has very low prices whether you are a vegetarian or not. Restaurants are in plenty supply especially in Hanoi town with all kinds of food with varied pricing. You may get a complete meal from the local joints at a cost that is as low as 5$ plus a drink. A good example of a cheap restaurant to consider is the New day place found in the Old Quarter in Hanoi town. If you enjoy alcohol, then you won’t spend so much while in Vietnam.  The Prices for beer are very low making it affordable.


Artworks in Vietnam are gorgeous and in plentiful supply at low budgets. There is no need for having boring dull walls back at home once you visit Vietnam. That is because Vietnam is a heaven for the most beautiful artworks globally that ranges from finding tourists souvenirs from the travelers’ markets to the local galleries for art supplies. It is in these local shops that you will get to find the treasure artefacts.

You will get very refined artworks by visiting the ceramics village at Bat Trang or even at the Hoi An art gallery within Hanoi town. Most of the artworks found there are made by the Vietnamese local tribes.

Body massage, Pedicure and manicure

There are a lot of saloons found in Vietnam that offer pedicure and manicure at low cost. You may spend between 3-10 dollars doing full professional manicure and pedicure. Do not leave Vietnam before getting a test of the professional massage services. The massage services might cost you money as low as 25 dollars. You have no excuse to treat yourself with all the luxuries that Vietnam gives.

Cloth and fashion

You will find cheap clothes or the trending market fashion at very low prices by visiting the local boutiques and shopping stores in Vietnam. Depending on the type of clothes especially the tailor-made ones, prices range from 20 dollars to 100 dollars. Wedding dresses are actually very cheap in Vietnam which is an option to consider for your upcoming wedding.

Getting cheap things is very possible while in Vietnam as long as you identify the correct places that offer low-cost services. Getting into these places will enable you get quality food at low cost, massages, artworks and cloth among others.