10 great home-stays and hotels in Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa region in Vietnam receives tourists in large numbers because of the beautiful weather and nearness minority local tribes. The common activity that tourists get to engage in is trekking and sightseeing and home stays. That has contributed to the development of many luxurious hotels to accommodate the large numbers of travelers. The cost of accommodation varies according to the standards of the hotel or home stay that one chooses. The cost of spending on high-end luxury resorts is much higher than the cost of a normal hotel. Some of the Hotels have opted to offer packages that encompass the cost of the majority of your Vietnam travel needs. Below are the great homestays and hotels in Sapa, Vietnam.

1. Sapa Clay house

Clay houses are popular in Sapa and usually are a home that belongs to the ethnic minority occupants in the region. The clay house displays a combination of modern developments in architecture with tradition. The clay house offers comfortable accommodation with a friendly atmosphere. That is made possible by the friendly staffs to serve you with adequacy and reliability. The houses offer both long term a short time accommodation stays.

2. Pao’s leisure hotel

Pao’s hotel gives you the most memorable high class treat you desire to find in renowned hotel in Vietnam. It is located one side of a mountain range facing the valley of Muong Hoa. The region contains rice fields and homes for the tribal villages. Pao’s leisure hotel will provide you with excellent and comfortable accommodation services. If you desire a first class accommodation during your trip, then Pao’s leisure hotel is your catch.

3. Topa’s Ecolodge

Topa’s eco-lodge has a 4-star rating and therefore an excellent facility with comfortable accommodation. Just like the name suggests, the hotel embraces an eco-friendly approach for its services. It does that by ensuring low levels of electrical power usage, feeding livestock with the food left over and recycling waste materials. The facility provides employment for the local minority tribes and employment opportunities.

4. Hill station

Hill station is a modern boutique hotel with exemplary accommodation services that give the rest of hotels in similar line a high competition. The rooms of the hotel are very special and extremely comfortable although with a very limited number. The hotel also has a world-class restaurant with fantastic food servings and drinks to satisfy any kind of traveler.

5. Jade hill resort

Jade Hills resort and SPA is among the recent additions to Sapa’s premium level resorts and SPA. A unique aspect regarding this hotel is a chimney which provides lots of diversity. You will have the opportunity to grill potatoes which are given when using the facility. If you hate the noisy city nightlife, then Jade Hill resort and spa is a great choice for you. That’s because of its location away from the town centre.

6. Victoria resort

For an excellent dining treat and customer, friendly hospitality services seek the Victoria resort and spa at the Sapa region. The resort sits on two floors, therefore, can accommodate a bigger number of travelers. Victoria resort provides accommodation packages that entail babysitting and a kids’ club and is therefore great for families stay. It also has a swimming pool, bar, free Wi-Fi and a restaurant.

7. Sapa Highland resort

Sapa Highland hotel is worth every dollar you spend while there. The gorgeous hotel provides a clear view of the city and its environment in the most natural way. The rooms are attractive, clean and well maintained to the standards. The hotel also has a restaurant that promotes northern Vietnamese dishes. A single taste for these meals will make you wish for a longer stay in the facility.

8. Aira Boutique hotel

Aira boutique hotel found in the Sapa region will not disappoint with their services. Found at the centre of the town, the hotel is stylish and ensure comfort for the guests. The hotel provides a blend of both the indigenous dishes and foreign. While in the hotel, you will get a marvelous view of the rest of the city activities with ease.

9. Sapa horizon hotel

Horizon hotel will give you nothing short of your accommodation experience. The room facilities are great including the meals. The meals are served with the best balancing for a quality meal. While at the hotel you can make an order of Vietnam special wine and still get it.

10. Eden Boutique Hotel

Eden boutique hotel will provide all the comfort that you will need especially after being out along trekking activity. The rooms and beds are spacious to meet your expectations of quality and class. The hotel also has a small bar to serve you with alcoholic drinks to excite your moods.