Balancing on the borders of Rice fields in Sapa

Sapa region is one of the best tourist sports in Vietnam that you should not miss visiting. The region is popular and one of Vietnam’s rural setting. It houses the minority tribes of Vietnamese origin who are majorly farmers. Locals in the region practice rice farming and the rice fields give amazing view to tourists, especially in their prime time. Sapa rice field is a heritage in the region. Visiting the fields depending on your time of visit has a lot of fulfilling moments to engage in. You may get the chance to participate either in rice planting or harvesting. All the activities are quite exciting, especially for a first-time tourist.

Where to find tour guides for your Sapa visit

Getting through the rice fields is very fun and can be more engaging if you hire the services of tour guides. Tour guides are local professionals with experience in providing direction to various sceneries and explaining the history of these places.

While in Sapa, one of the best tour guide agent to hire would be the Sapa sisters. Sapa sister tour guide agent belongs to a group of local women from the tribe of H’mong. The group of women do signify a positive change for the women in Sapa who traditionally are sidelined. Their tour guide services are loved by many looking at the list of recommendations from past travellers. You will find that information by carrying out online searches about the group and their excellent services.

Wandering in the rice fields

For you to be able to get a good view of the beautiful rice plantations of Sapa, you have to be ready to walk. Walking with the help of the tour guides through the valleys and mountains in a whole exciting and memorable experience. Trekking makes your trip more natural as you will get to know the feeling of being local. That’s because you will not miss meeting the locals and interacting with them in every step of the way. Perhaps you even learn some few Vietnamese local languages for connecting more with them.

Trekking is the best way to navigate the beautiful green forests, view the calmness of the streams of water passing nearby and listening to the sounds of wild birds. More so the air is so fresh that you wouldn’t even notice the many miles that you would have to cover. Walking through the rice fields will require you to balance on the secluded edges meant for traversing the fields. That small ridges between the rice fields are for preventing people from stepping on the growing rice. That is such an amazing experience that you shouldn’t think twice getting into.

Home stays

Sapa region provides home stay services for travellers with interest and budget-friendly rates. Homestays allow you to get into the local people’s lives and get to know their beliefs and practices. Some of the locals will opt to take you to activities such as manual rice harvesting. You will also get a taste of the delicious local Vietnamese meals including the drinks and the rice wine. Wow! That is a really exciting adventure waiting for you.

Does the Sapa adventure sound like you’re your thing? Then go ahead and make that adventure real.