Master the Process: Comprehensive Guide to Applying for Vietnam E-Visa on the Official Government Website

E-visa types and cost

It costs US$25 for single entry e-visa (90 days) and US$50 for multiple entry e-visa (90 days). Please note that the cost paid for the e-visa application is non-refundable from the government website, regardless your visa application is approved or denied.

The types of Vietnam e-visa are categorized into four distinct options:

  • The first type of Vietnam e-visa offers a validity of up to one month and permits a single entry. This option is priced at US$25.
  • There’s also a Vietnam e-visa that allows multiple entries within its one-month validity period. This variant is available for US$50.
  • Additionally, there’s an e-visa type for those wishing to stay up to 90 days in Vietnam with only a single entry. This costs US$25.
  • Lastly, the final type of the Vietnam e-visa provides a 90-day validity with multiple entries allowed, priced at US$50.

E-visa processing time

E-visa processing time: 3 working days in normal circumstances. It may take longer during peak season or after holidays.

Be aware that the Vietnam Immigration does not operate on weekends – Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on the Traditional Day of Vietnam People’s Public Security Force, which falls on August 19, and during Vietnam holidays.

Here are some key dates to remember for Vietnam holidays:

  • New Year’s Day is observed every January 01, following the solar calendar.
  • The Tet Holiday is notable as it’s the longest holiday in Vietnam with a duration of 5-14 days off; this follows the lunar calendar.
  • Hung Kings Commemoration Day also follows the lunar calendar and is observed with a day off on the 10th day of the 3rd lunar month.
  • Reunification Day is marked every April 30 according to the solar calendar.
  • Labor Day falls on May 01, adhering to the solar calendar.
  • Lastly, National Day is celebrated every September 02 using the solar calendar.

Device & Browser matter

  • The government website works better with Edge than Brave, Chrome, or Firefox.
  • Please use a computer (laptop or desktop) instead of your mobile phone or tablet. The e-visa application is not mobile-friendly at the time we test.

Before starting your e-visa application

Make sure to have a Portrait photo & Authenticate Passport data page image. See Portrait Photo And Passport Copy Requirements. Before uploading, ensure photo file size is below 2 MB, .JPG format. Take a selfie and upload it Or, if talking about your passport page, take a photo with your phone.

During your e-visa application processing: just waiting. Don’t refresh, or you will lose everything, and you will have to re-input everything. 

Here is the official link to apply for your Vietnam e-visa. 

Official link from the Vietnamese government alway go with DOMAIN.GOV.VN

How to apply for your Vietnam e-visa?

1. Change language to English

  • On laptop/computer: to change language, click the white button “Tiếng Việt” at the top right corner and choose English. 
  • On the phone, choose the icon 3 lines at the top right corner, find the white button “Tiếng Việt” and choose English. 

In my opinion, after many testing, “Tiếng Việt” work better than “English”.

2. The browser will be reloaded; you can find the red button “Submit application” -> and choose it.

3. Attach portrait photo (4×6 white background) and passport info page.

4. Fill in your email address and get OTP. The OTP will be sent around 1-3 minutes. Get the OTP in the email and  fill in “Verification code” and choose “Email Authentication” Don’t mess anything with the field of OTP again because you will need to authenticate that again and can’t do anything if the email is not verified 

5. Fill in all required information. There are 10 sections you are required to fill out.

6. After all the info is filled in, choose to agree and continue, review everything again, and submit the application. 

7. You will have your “record number” and “update key.” Save your “record number” and “update key.”. You will need your record number (this is also the profile code) to check the status of your e-visa application. The update key will be used when you need to change or update anything. To check the status, please visit

8. On the page to check the progress of your application, you can update the info or pay the fee (click on the $Billing). We hope you can get through this easily.

What information do you need to fill in the e-visa application form?

You must fill out the information when applying for your e-visa at the government website. There are 10 sections with multiple fields you are required to fill out as follows:

1. Personal information.

  • Surname(*): Typing
  • Given name(*): Typing
  • Sex(*): Choose from the list for Male or Female.
  • Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)(*): Select from the calendar (dd/mm/yyyy).
  • Nationality(*): Choose from the list for your country.
  • Place of birth(*): Choose from the list for your birth country.
  • ID Card number(*): Typing your passport number or ID card number will be ok.
  • Religion(*): Typing
  • Have you ever used any other passports to enter into Vietnam?(*): Choose from the list for Yes or No. If “Yes” please specify.
  • Do you have multiple nationalities?(*) : Choose from the list for Yes or No. If “Yes” please specify.
  • Violation of the Vietnamese laws/regulations (if any). Note: If you violated Vietnamese laws/regulations in your previous entry, your e-Visa application may be denied.

2. E-visa request information.

  • To issue e-Visa for(*) : Single entry or Multiple entries.
  • e-Visa duration: e- Visa valid from (dd/mm/yyyy)(*) to (dd/mm/yyyy) (*)

3. Passport information.

  • Passport type(*): Choose from the list for Ordinary passport, Official passport, Diplomatic passport, or Other. If “Others”, please specify(*)
  • Passport number(*): Typing
  • Place of issue(*): Typing
  • Date of issue (*): Select from the calendar (dd/mm/yyyy).
  • Expiry date (*): Select from the calendar (dd/mm/yyyy).
  • Do you hold any other valid passports?(*): Choose from the list for Yes or No. If “Yes” please specify.

4. Contact information.

  • Contact address(*): Typing
  • Current residential address (if contact address is different from current residential address): Typing
  • Mobile phone number or landline phone number(*): Typing
  • Email(*): Typing
  • Emergency Contact
  • Full name(*): Typing
  • Current residential address(*): Typing
  • Telephone number(*): Typing
  • Relationship: Typing

5. Occupation.

Current occupation(*) Choose from the list if you are Businessman, Student, Employee, Official, Retired, Unemployed, or Others. If “Others”, please provide additional information as below:

  • Occupation information
  • Name of Company/Agency/School(*): Typing
  • Position/Course of study(*): Typing
  • Address of Company/Agency/School(*): Typing
  • Telephone number of Company/Agency/School(*): Typing

6. Information about the trip.

Purpose of entry(*): Choose from the list for Tourist, Visiting relatives, Working, Business, or Others. If “Others”, please specify(*)


– According to the provisions of Vietnamese law, foreigners who are investors must have papers proving their investment in Vietnam in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Investment; foreigners who work as lawyers in Vietnam must have a license to practice law in accordance with the Law on Lawyers; foreigners who enter into Vietnam to work must have a work permit or a certificate certifying that they are the person who are not required to have a work permit under the provisions of the Labor Code; foreigners who enter into Vietnam to study must have a written consent by the Vietnamese schools or educational institutions; foreigners who engage in religious, journalistic, medical or educational activities must obtain permission from competent authorities. Foreigners who are residing lawfully in Vietnam can combine tourism, visiting relatives, medical treatment without having to ask for permission.

– Foreigners’ activities in Vietnam must be in accordant with the purposes of their entry.

Agency/Organization/Individual that the applicant plans to contact when enter into Vietnam: Choose from the list for Yes or No. If “Yes,” please specify.

Intended duration of stay(*): Typing

Intended date of entry (*): Select from the calendar (dd/mm/yyyy).

Intended border gate of entry(*): Choose from the list. There are 13 airports, 16 land border gates, and 13 sea border gates for you to select. You must enter Vietnam via the port you specified.

Intended border gate of exit(*): Choose from the list. There are 13 airports, 16 land border gates, and 13 sea border gates for you to select. You can exit at any port you want, even if it differs from the one you choose.

Residential address in Vietnam

  • Province/City(*): Choose from the list.
  • District(*): Choose from the list.
  • Wards, communes, towns(*): Choose from the list.
  • Detailed temporary residence address in Vietnam (House number, street/village/neighborhood group)(*): Typing
  • Contact telephone number in Vietnam(*): Typing
[Check box] to Committed to declare temporary residence according to the provisions of Vietnameses laws(*)

Have you been to Vietnam in the last 01 year?(*): Choose from the list for Yes or No. If “Yes,” please specify.

Do you have relatives who currently reside in Vietnam?(*): Choose from the list for Yes or No. If “Yes,” please specify the relatives’ information (relatives include: grandparents, father, mother, husband, wife, children, brothers, sisters… of the applicant) (*).

7. Accompany children under 14 years old who are issued with the same passport and request to be issued the same e-visa (if any).

Note: Do not request e-Visa issuance for the child(ren) who are issued with the same passport if he/she has his/her own passport.

8. Trip’s expenses, insurance.

Intended expenses (in USD)(*): Typing

Who will cover the trip’s expenses of the applicant(*): Choose from the list. There are two options to choose from: The applicant or Other agency/organization/individual.

👉 If you Choose “The applicant”, please provide the following details:

Payment method(*): Select from the list for Cash, Traveller’s cheques or Credit card.

Does the applicant have health insurance arranged for their stay in Vietnam?(*): Select from the list for Yes or No. If “Yes,” Please specify(*).

👉 If you choose “Other agency/organization/individual.” Please provide the following details:

  • Payment method(*): Select from the list for Cash, Traveller’s cheques, or Credit card.
  • Name of the agency/organization/individual(*): Typing
  • Address(*): Typing
  • Telephone number(*): Typing

Does the applicant have health insurance arranged for their stay in Vietnam?(*): Choose from the list for Yes or No. If “Yes,” please specify.

9. Information of Vietnam agency/organization requesting e-visa (if any)

10. Place, date of request.

  • Place of request(*): Choose from the list.
  • Date of request(*): Select from the calendar (dd/mm/yyyy).
[Check box] I hereby declare that the above statements are true, accurate and I am fully responsible before the Vietnamese laws for the information provided to apply for an e-Visa of Vietnam and I am aware that the application fee is not refunded if the application for e-Visa of Vietnam is denied.

Alternative Options to Get a Vietnam e-Visa Hassle-free

If you prefer a hassle-free experience, there are commercial websites available that simplify the e-Visa application process, offering a user-friendly interface and a straightforward application form. These services ensure timely delivery of your e-Visa, although they may charge higher fees compared to the government’s official website. Nonetheless, these services can be a valuable option for those seeking convenience and peace of mind during the e-Visa application process.

In conclusion, the Vietnam e-Visa system offers an efficient and convenient way for foreign nationals to travel to Vietnam. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can navigate the e-Visa application process with ease and enjoy your visit to this beautiful country.

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