Vietnam’s 90-Day E-Visa Access for Papua New Guineans from August 2023

Great news for the citizens of Papua New Guinea! Vietnam has recently announced that they will be granting 90-day e-visas for Papua New Guineans starting from August 15, 2023. This new update will surely be welcomed by many travelers, especially those who have been wanting to explore Vietnam’s beautiful destinations.

The e-visa scheme has been in place for a while now, and Vietnam has been extending the validity of these visas for a few select countries. However, this is the first time that Papua New Guinea has been included in the list, and it’s a great step forward for both countries’ tourism industries.

This new update means that Papua New Guineans can now visit Vietnam for up to 90 days without having to worry about renewing their visa. Plus, the multiple entries feature also means that they can travel to other countries in the ASEAN region without having to apply for a new visa each time they return to Vietnam.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history, and there are so many things to see and do here. From the bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to the serene countryside of Sapa and the stunning beaches of Da Nang and Nha Trang, there’s something for everyone here.

This update is a great opportunity for Papua New Guineans to explore Vietnam’s beautiful destinations and experience its unique culture. It’s also an opportunity for Vietnam to attract more tourists from Papua New Guinea and other countries in the region.

If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, be sure to apply for your e-visa in advance. The application process is straightforward, and you can do it online from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure you have all the necessary documents and information ready before you apply.

Vietnam e-visa for Papua New Guineans is a fantastic opportunity to explore the beautiful country of Vietnam, and we hope that many Papua New Guineans take advantage of this new update. Start planning your trip today and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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